How to Throw a Circus Themed Party

The Twins turned 6 a few weeks ago and to celebrate the big day we threw them a Circus Themed Birthday Party.

At first the birthday party plan was to have a low key party lacking any theme.  But then I found the cutest Free Circus Party Printable Invitation and I couldn’t resist making the no-theme party themed.  I JUST HAD TO.

And then I found these Free Circus Cake and Cupcake Topper Printables and I had to have them as well….

Then, Jeff decided to build concession stands and game booths (I know!  Amazing, right?).  He went to Home Depot, came home with wood and spray paint and the next thing I knew we had these amazing props.

He put me in charge of the lettering for the signs.  I found this site with  Free Circus Fonts (I used the URWWood Typ D), downloaded the one I wanted and then enlarged the letters, printed them out on card stock, cut out each individual letter and then laminated.

Before we decided to go all out for the party I made this birthday banner.  In hindsight, I so wish I had thought to download the circus font before I made it….

We rented a bounce house, a popcorn stand and a cotton candy machine.  Score!

Should you ever decide to throw a Circus themed party, you MUST have cotton candy.  It was the hit of the party.

Of course, no Circus themed party is complete without a clown cut-out photo thingy!  Jeff made this too.  {I know.  He’s so talented!}

Every party requires a cake….

Some candy…..

And Games……{we had a coin toss, musical chairs, fast ball and darts}  Don’t forget the tickets to win on games to pay for food!

Oh, and parents crazy enough to attempt to pull it off.

Last but not least, find yourself a sister to photograph the event because I can guarantee you’ll be too busy to remember to capture the memories on film!

And that’s How to Throw a Circus Themed Party.

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