1. 4

    Casey's trio says

    Oh my…why am I not surprised? Is that the evil twisty face I see?
    My 3 managed to get the duct tape off of the dishwasher that I use to try and keep it closed and then proceed to play with steak knives.

  2. 6

    imageseer says

    What beautiful children! Joanna, my sister (she doesn’t often claim me) told me that I should look at your blog. Nicely done. You make the nice purses, right? I’m maribel’s husband.

  3. 8

    Laurie says

    He has an almost sinister smile…you never know what I will do next. John is the innocent chocolate mouthed one in the back right?

  4. 9

    carrie & troy keiser says

    How funny! more than one more the fun, right?! It’s fun to watch how they can work together to get into trouble!

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