How to Choose Holiday Photo Cards

How to Choose Holiday Photo Cards can be so much fun!  It always takes me hours though, when I find a company with amazing choices.  I can never decide if I want to use one picture.  Or five. Or if I want to have lots of text, or just a short greeting.  Or if I want a fun shape or a more traditional rectangular card.  {{sigh}}.

So, here are my tips for picking the Perfect Holiday Photo Card.

Holiday Photo Cards

ONE:  Decide on your photo or photos first.  Will you be using a single image or a few images?  This makes a big difference and will save you tons of time once you narrow that decision down!


TWO:  Decide on the shape.  Do you want to use a fun shape or use a more traditional shape?  There are lots of fun shapes available:  tri-folds, cut-outs, etc.

THREE:  Pick your message.  Are you going to have a short and sweet message or something more substantial?  I love the idea of cards that tell what happened during the year, but I also like the simplicity of a card that just offers a simple message of joy.

FOUR:  Pick a Holiday Photo Card company that uses quality paper, vibrant colors, a broad selection of styles, has a quick turn around time and is available to you if you need help with your order!

Lastly, send out holiday cards.  Everyone loves receiving them in the mail.  EVERYONE.  Trust me.  Don’t let time slip through your fingers this season and forget about sending out cards!!!!  Excuse me while I go pick out my cards…..{{smiling}}

Special thanks to Minted for introducing me to some seriously fabulous holiday cards and for providing me with holiday photo cards to mail to all of my friends and family!  {{awesome}}

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    Twitter: bzmomma

    Wow, love that there are all different shapes! I never saw that before, unless homemade.

  2. 2
    Twitter: 2sisters_angie

    I have a love/hate relationship with the whole Christmas card process. I feel like I see so many of them (creating them for clients) that I can never decide until the last minute what I want for our own family. This year however, I do actually have a plan … let’s just see if I can pull it off :)

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