He’s following the leader…..{John walking}

John walked tonight. A lot. Today I was by the stairs and I saw Jacob walk around the corner from the kitchen, down the hall and into the family room. So weird. Now John is following his lead. John is so cute. He claps for himself after he reaches his goal. They’re OFF!

Oh, and did I mention how BIG they are? Jacob is 22 lbs. 11 oz., and John is 21 lbs. 15 oz. They will be 15 months next week. I can’t believe it. Also, Jacob’s head has leveled out on the growth curve and so if it continues like this, we have one more worry we can cross off our list.


  1. 1

    Laura says

    Love the quote on friendship! Watch out mommy, walking is lot’s of fun! Congrats boys. They are doing so well. They are healthy too. They may pass my girls up in weight in the next 6 months even! LOL

  2. 2

    Debra says

    Uh oh! Watch out mom, they’re off! Pretty soon you and Laura will be swapping stories of what items you find in the toilet! 😉

    Awesome weights too! Glad you can cross one more thing off your list!

    How is Emma doing? Did the dr’s ever find anything?

  3. 3

    Heather says

    My favorite part is the happiness in a job well done. My Haddie claps for herself to when she knows she cute and can do things! It’s totally adorable.

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