The Happy Mama Movement Take One {#HappyMama}

Starting in 2014, I joined forces with a group of mamas that made it our goal in 2014 to bring the happy back.  That isn’t to say there wasn’t happy in 2013, or 2012 or any of the years before, but we wanted to CALL ATTENTION to the happy in 2014.  We wanted to band together as mamas and invite other mamas like YOU to join us in a campaign to be happy together and SHOW it.   I’d like to invite you to join me and them as we share moments that make us happy.  Link up your posts and let’s visit each other and enjoy each other’s happy!

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I’m all for doing away with the negative and focusing on the positive.  So, every month in 2014, I’m going to post at least one picture of me and my family having a happy moment.  Now, I know that doesn’t seem like much, but to me, it’s a bunch.  Getting my family all together at the same time is almost impossible these days, so when it happens, Jeff and I do what we can do make the moments count.  At least we try.

Happy Mama Moments Take One {to 4}

happy mamaa

happy mama b

happy mama d

happy mama c

 It’s all about the moment, and I love that each of these pictures show us enjoying……each other.  I hope you’ll join us and share your Happy Mama moments, too!

The Happy Mama Team

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