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    Veggie Mom says

    What a Sweet Easter Snap! Here's hoping You & Yours have the Happiest of Easter, and that the bunny is generous to those cute kids!

  2. 40

    Rhonda says

    Happy Easter Angie! I think someone is missing from your family photo! lol Might he be behind the camera?

  3. 94

    Carissa(GoodnCrazy) says

    Right back atcha.. said in jealous tone of voice as I watch your summer already beginning!!

  4. 110

    Mark and Kiss says

    Happy Easter Angie. I hope it was a beautiful one for you.

    Stephan came home from nursery today and told us all about how Jethus’s friends were thad when he died, but they put him in the tune, then 1, 2, 3, days an angel came and rolled the th-tone away and …. HE’th ALIVE!

    It was very cute, he had a little tomb, stone and Jesus paper cut out that he used to tell us the story.

  5. 138

    Stephanie says

    Hope your day was a nice one! Seeing the two cute little red heads in front reminds me of a print ad I saw last night in Real Simple magazine. The commercial they auditioned for some time ago (where they had to drink something and was with a red head star)…was it for Motts with Marcia Cross? I saw it and thought of how much sweeter the ad would have been with YOUR boys in it 🙂

    • 139


      Lovely flowers! Wish I can also angrare beautiful flowers like that. I want to learn how to angrare flowers cause it so interesting. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing!-pia-

  6. 142

    * TONYA * says

    Hi Angie,

    Hope you and the kids had a fabulous Easter. Sorry I’ve been seriously slacking as a blogger friend. I promise to up my game though.

  7. 145

    Sparkette says

    Great family pic! Thanks for sharing. Just catching up on everyone’s post from my family weekend! Off to read everything else! Bye 🙂

  8. 200

    Tracy says

    we have yet to have a good Easter pic of our girls, much less Arturo or I in the photo! So – great pic!

  9. 229


    Hello Johanna !! Also here in Adelaide temperatures are dpopring especially at night, but we’re still enjoying some sunny days ! I hope the Wintersmith won’t come knocking on ADL door any time soon! I’m having problems uploading pictures too. I get the Sorry, you have filled your storage quota (200 MB). notification. However, I’ve only uploaded 4 pictures so far.Hope they get it fixed soon !Take care !

  10. 230


    I hadn’t thought about Easter that way bforee. Sort of a no-pressure celebration with chocolate! What’s not to love?! I think it meant more when I lived in England and spring was so much more important. In southern California we don’t really have seasons, just a year-round climate.

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