Happy Birthday, #2

#2 turns 10 today.  TEN.

Emma is such a sweet, sweet girl.  Being her mother for the past 10 years has truly been a blessing.  From the moment she was born I’ve been in love.  She’s super helpful, and even though she’s on the quiet side, she can be assertive when she needs too.  She doesn’t let anyone walk all over her, and she’s super loyal.  I *heart* this girl so much and hope that she has her best year yet.  She deserves it.


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      Angie says

      YOu know the twins were due in January, too, right? I cried.

      This month is killing me with birthdays and Garrett’s upcoming baptism!

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      Angie says

      They are right on top of each other. Poor planning on my part. 🙂 I feel like I won’t come up for breath until February!

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    Tamara says

    Wow! She sounds so much like my Natalie who turned 10 in November. If we had stayed in the same area I could really see them being the best of friends. Hope Emma has a great birthday!

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