The Juicy Juice Fruit for All Project {giveaway}

I absolutely love a good cause and I’m so excited to help spread the word about the Juicy Juice Fruit for All Project.  It helps families and children get the food and fruit they might otherwise go without this summer, and that’s such a wonderful thing.  Nestlé Juicy Juice and Feeding America are joining forces to put up to 35 million pieces of fruit in the hands of children and families in need this summer, and YOU can help!

The Juicy Juice Fruit for All Project 

Getting Involved:

There are three fun ways to participate in the Fruit for All Project between June 1 and August 31:

  1. When you buy Juicy Juice this summer, Juicy Juice will donate one piece of fruit to Feeding America.
  2. When you play one of the games or activities on the Fruit for All Project website or Facebook tab, Juicy Juice will donate one piece of fruit to Feeding America.
  3. When you take a photo of your family volunteering at a food bank or feeding agency and upload it to the Fruit for All Project website, Juicy Juice will donate three pieces of fruit to Feeding America.

The Giveaway!

Juicy Juice is donating 400 meals to my local food bank AND will donate 400 meals to a food bank nearby one of YOU!  This is an opportunity for one of you to use your influence and time for good.  All it takes is a few moments to enter to win 400 meals to be donated to a food bank in an area near you.

Entry Requirement:

  1. Leave me a comment answering the question “Do you want to have 400 meals donated to a food bank near you?”
Extra Entry Options (separate comments, please):
  • Like Seven Clown Circus on Facebook.
  • Visit/Like the Juicy Juice Facebook Page.
  • Up to 2 Tweets a day (spaced by at least 1 hour each) will be accepted as extra entries, but you have to leave a comment for each Tweet, and please include the link to the contest in the tweet, or just click the tweet button.  Sample tweet:  Enter to #win 400 meals for your local food bank! Thxs @juicyjuiceusa #fruitforallproject #fruitforallproject  PLS RT

Contest ends on Monday, June 25th at midnight. Winner will be drawn with a random number generator and contacted via email.  Only open US readers.

Disclosure: Special thanks to Nestlé Juicy Juice for providing the information and prize donation for this post!  Isn’t it amazing that 800 meals will be donated as a result of this post?  Fabulous.




  1. 2

    Rachelle Brancato says

    I would love to win 400 meals for my local food bank! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. 11

    Kathlean Owens says

    I want to have 400 meals donated to a food bank / Salvation Army in Alamogordo, NM

  3. 15

    Dwayne Berry says

    I’d love to have 400 meals delivered to The Evansville Christian Life Center.

  4. 17

    Dan DeLorey says

    It would be an honor to have 400 meals donated in my name to the Harry Chapin food bank in my area. They do incredible work.

  5. 21

    Lynnette says

    “Do you want to have 400 meals donated to a food bank near you?”
    Absolutely yes!

  6. 23

    Sherry Compton says

    I would love to have 400 meals donated to a food bank. What a wonderful giveaway!

  7. 26


    Wow, what an awesome project! I’ll be buying juicy juice anyways so its great to know that they are supporting such a good cause.

  8. 40


    Our local food bank, the Capitol Area Food Bank, would LOVE this – they have such a big population to serve! Thanks for this great contest!

  9. 42

    Cindy Merrill says

    Yes, absolutely. Our area has a large number of Low income seniors- and “Meals On Wheels” does not exist where we are.

  10. 47

    christina givens says

    we only have 1 food bank in our county and the need is great. this would be a blessing for so many people.

  11. 58

    Tara says

    “Do you want to have 400 meals donated to a food bank near you?”

    Are you kidding? Oh my, that would make me so happy!

  12. 62

    R Hicks says

    I would love to be able to donate food. I watch our local news and amazed how many people need help.

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  13. 72

    amy deeter says

    i would love to have 400 meals donated.alot of people struggle in our town

  14. 75

    Deborah Hogue says

    I think it would be great to donate to a food bank in my county but not the food bank closest to me. I went to our closest food bank once and they told me that if I were to come back I would need to bring proof of my income, bills, etc. I haven’t been back since and we are a struggling family with over 10 people living on disability benefits. I feel that if a family needs food from a food bank, they should be able to get help without being made to feel like they’re being scutinized. As far as I knew food banks were not for profit. That may be true but anyone who shows up at my closet food bank had better be prepared to leave there feeling like the dirt on the bottom of the shoes of the people who run it. As much as I could use the help I won’t go back and put myself in that situation again. Food banks are supposed to help people. Even people who make good money falls on hard times at one or more times of their lives. I know that there are
    good food banks in our county but the closest one is run from behind a church and they think they can pass judgement on who deserves help and who doesn’t. It’s a very sensitive issue to me, as we are a large family and the food dollar can stretch only so far. I wish I knew who to contact to get this taken care of because i believe it is a travesty of justice. For those reasons, I hope someone get food donated to their local food bank that actually plans on helping people.

  15. 78

    Britt Brill says

    Yes, I would love to have food donated to our local food pantry… How amazing! I will be sure to buy Juicy Juice this summer, too! Thanks, Juicy Juice!!

  16. 81

    Julie M says

    I would love to have 400 meals donated to my local food bank. What a wonderful gift.

  17. 87

    brian e. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…we would like to donate 400 meals to St. Mary’s Food Bank !
    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com