Do Friends…..
Bring lunch to your family the day you move into a new state?
Dinner too?
Help unload the moving truck?
Make sure you get settled and help in anyway they can?
Do Friends…..
sit in a house that’s 92 degrees allowing a friendship to blossom?
make sure you know that if you need anything they are there?
Do Friends……
laugh with you? cry with you? stay positive no matter what?
Do Friends…….
move away but still stay in contact?
Do Friends……..
Drop everything to meet you on your 30th birthday in a hospital WITH a birthday cake because she called?
Do Friends…….
call you while you are in the hospital and send you numerous care packages?
Do Friends………
Go out of their way on vacation just to see you?
We are so lucky.
John, Kirsten, Anson, Mark, Jacob
Emma, Jacob, Grace, Levi, John, Garrett, Anson and Stephan


  1. 3

    Kristin says

    What would we women do w/o friends? Every time I move, that is the first thing I set out to do, make friends!

  2. 4

    Mark and Kiss says

    Dear Angie, I was reading down your blog, trying to catch up, and when I started reading this I thought, “How nice, that’s so cool, I wonder who that was in Oregon, I am so glad”, then at the hospital/birthday line, I thought, “Oh, my!” You are far too kind and we are forever blessed to be considered your friends. I don’t think that I could so eloquently describe the type of friend that you and Jeff have been to us! We love your guts Angie!!!!!

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