Freschetta FlatBread Pizza

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Freschetta FlatBread Pizza was just introduced to the public and  is short on crust (it’s a thin crust pizza), yet full of flavor.  Currently, Freshetta has 4 FlatBread Pizzas:   Zesty Italian, Roasted Garlic and Spinach, Pepperoni, and Five Cheese.

My family gave the  pepperoni FlatBread pizza a try.  It seems to be the one that most grocery stores have in stock right now.  I hope that changes in the very near future.

I LIKE pizza.   Both the flavor, the preparation and the clean up, and by that I mean that I like that it’s easy to pop in the oven and there’s not much to clean up after wards.  My kids really like pizza.  I’m pretty sure all kids do though, so there’s no great revelation there.

In preparation for our “pizza tasteing” I purchased both a Freschetta Naturally Rising Crust Pizza (it really does, too) and TWO Freschetta FlatBread pizza’s.   Then, we cracked open the pizza stone, hot pad and pizza cutter that Freschetta sent me.

I cooked the pizza’s and loved how the FlatBread Pizza crisped right up.

We all gave it a taste:

And decided, WE likey.

The FlatBread pizza IS flavorful and it’s super thin crust is perfect for those that like more of a cracker-like crust than a doughy one.  The 3 boys especially liked the FlatBread pizza, and the best part is that there were no left-overs, no crusts left on the plates.

If you are looking for a new frozen pizza to try, I would recommend Freschetta’s FlatBread Pizza, especially if you are thin-crust pizza lover.

If you’d like to try Freshetta’s FlatBread Pizza, too,  you will find a $1 off coupon here, printable from home.

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    I haven’t bought frozen pizza in a while – but that self rising crust sounds awesome! Love those pizza stones too! Have a great weekend!

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    OMG! I just discovered the Freshetta flatbread pizza last week! I am a huge pizza fan, but not so much a fan of frozen pies. The Freshetta flatbread was amazing — the entire family enjoyed it, which doesn’t always happen.

    I was skeptical about the rising crust, but maybe we’ll give it a try.

    Have a great day!

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    Hi Supriya,My first time here and have already bmoroakked several of your recipes. (this one included). Definitely trying this flatbread in the next couple days.BTW, for your option 4, have you considered taking a quick picture of the recipe with your favorite camera / phone. I do it often and then put it into a pdf or whatever Have fun and thanks for sharing your recipes ~Varada

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