FREAKING out here….

This is funny. Not ha ha funny, but funny, I’m going to go crazy funny. I just saw this part of an old post of mine,

“I appreciate that my mind has a built in projector that can do more than just rewind. It has the capacity to replay certain scenes in any order at almost any time I want to recall them”.

Except I guess when I need it to. I’d like to use that projector and rewind and discover what I did with the $500.00 I was supposed to deposit. Because it’s nowhere to be found and I’m seriously freaking out.

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  1. 1
    Jeremiah R. Jones says:

    Sounds like an Uncle Billy moment.

    You’re not just yankin’ our collective chain after having just turned the big three-O?

    They say the memory’s the first thing to go. Then it’s the… the…

    Hmmmm… Something else.

  2. 15
    seangates says:
  3. 16
    Casey's trio says:

    I’m sure you have already re-traced your steps right?? I hope you find the $$$ soon. Freaking out is probably an understatement.

  4. 17

    Oh no! Say a prayer. I have lost a lot money before and every time I calm down and pray I find it. I have found over a $1,000 in rent checks in the trash!

    I hope you find it!

  5. 18
    Are You Serious! says:

    &heart; Oh yeah I’d be freaking out too. When that happens to me I look everywhere turn everything inside out and then once I do that I’ll give up and then I usually find it in the most obvious place ever! Drives me crazy! 🙂

  6. 36
    Melissa says:

    Ack! I would be freaking, too!

  7. 37

    Look in all the kids hiding places. Check in the vents in the house. We cleaned ours out this weekend. I won’t even post what we found in them!!!

    Good luck. I’d be FREAKING CRAZY right now too!

  8. 38
    Melissa says:

    You’ve got bling!

  9. 62
    Melissa says:

    I think I gave you the gifted blogger the last time…

  10. 63
    Laurie M. says:

    Oh, scary! I’d be freaking out too! Good luck!

  11. 64

    Wow that is a ton of money. I hope you find it soon. I can just imagine what DRu would say cause that’s totally something I would do.

  12. 65
    Motherhood for Dummies says:

    oh no! That stinks! I hope you find it! Keep us updated!

  13. 66
    Rachel B says:

    Hey there! I saw you came to my blog, and now I am in bloggy comment debt! 🙂
    I hope you find your money soon. When I have lost money or such I usually find it in the same darn spot I already looked 12 times. Hope you find your Moola’ soon. Come on over to my blog anytime. It’s nice meeting new friends, Even if I don’t have any twins. 😉

    Isn’t Laura just the nicest!

    :)Rachel B.

  14. 67
    My name is Tammie says:

    Oh no!!! OMG have you found it yet? Gosh I hope you find it.

  15. 68

    Just an update to update. Still NOTHING. I even pulled out the rubber gloves and went through a WHOLE weeks worth of trash in case one of the kids threw it away. No luck. Just a sick feeling in my stomach from wading through the trash. I’ll be doing some serious praying tonight!

  16. 69

    I hope it turns up. I would be frantic, as I am sure you are.
    Good luck.

  17. 70

    I have been ther myself. I hope and pray you find it. Let us know. I would be a literal wreck!

  18. 71
    Shannon says:

    AHHHH! I had that aweful sinking feeling when I lost $350 in gift certificates. Then I got pulled over and found them in the glove compartment. I am sure it will turn up.

  19. 72

    Oh Crap….Angie I am so sorry. I have had the same thing happen and I know what a terrible thing that can be for EVERYONE involved!! Good Luck

  20. 73
    andrea j says:


  21. 74
    Gunnisac Sandersons says:

    Oh, I hope you find it. I would be crying right now. Let us know if you find it.

  22. 75

    Still nothing…….I’ve even retraced my steps……..revisited all the stores, etc. Nada.

  23. 76

    She looks so grown up there, and soooo tall(I know weird because she is stniitg down)Cute picture and glad you have your gig down don’t know how you do it, Hayden will be smarter than me by next year!!

  24. 77

    I am terribly sorry to hear this. It is so hard to lose our bevoled pets. Mine are like my children. We lost our dear boy Clark not long after moving up here. We still miss him.I’m thinking of you.

  25. 78

    hahaah THATS AWESOME !!!!! ALL your website aecltirs need to have some cool dramatic video like that !!! i like reading your site but damn !! when you add some tight vids like this it just makes me wanna tune back for more !! keep it going man !!

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