First Day of School

Where did the summer go? Is it really September? Grace and Emma started school yesterday. First day of Kindergarten for Emma and she didn’t even look back. I’m so happy that they both had a great day to kick off the new year.

My big girl heading to the bus….

Second grade? Gulp……….


  1. 4

    Erin says

    I know.. back to school already.. I can’t believe its that time! My youngest went into kindergarten as well and my older into the 4th grade!
    Why does time seem to fly so fast once you have kids??

  2. 6

    Laurie says

    Grace is so grown up! I can’t believe how tall she is. So cute. Both of them. that is great with Emma. It is so much easier when they are happy to go. Score one for you!

  3. 7

    hi my name is mommy says

    Awwwww, they are such cutie pies! I bet it’s a bittersweet day for you. Too precious your little race is….just kidding;)

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