Fifteen years.

Jeff reminded me today that it has been 15 years since he asked me to be his girlfriend. Whew! That’s like half our lives. Crazy. This is a picture from our carefree days of only having one child.


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    Casey's trio says

    How cute are you guys…laughing at the carefree life. Man, I wonder what it would be like to just pick up and go wherever you please with one baby!

  2. 3

    Melissa M. says

    You guys are so cute… I remember those good old days we use to do so many things like jump up and just go somewhere several hours away and it was no big deal. Now it takes at least a week to prepare for anything! 🙂

  3. 6

    Cecily R says

    Oh, the carefree days of one child!

    I do believe that 15 years means you guys have beaten the odds. That my friend, is something to be congratulated!


  4. 7

    Debra says

    Congrats on 15 yrs… what a sweetie that HE remembered!!! That is awesome!!

    One child… goodness, even 2 children… such carefree days. Just to go to the grocery store with 5 kids requires more planning than going on vacation with one or two!

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