DIY Felt Leaf and Acorn Garland {how to}

How to make a DIY Felt Leaf and Acorn Garland for the Fall is a craft that’s relatively inexpensive and easy, but looks amazing.    There’s just something about how the colors and elements of Fall that go together that is so lovely and pleasing to the eye.  You’ll only need a few items, too!   So, go gather some acorn tops, felt, pom poms, embroidery thread, gold spray paint and get assembling.  You’ll love how your DIY Felt Leaf and Acorn Garland turns out!

DIY Fall Garland

Supplies Needed for Making a FELT LEAF AND ACORN GARLAND:


  • Felt
  • Pom Poms
  • Leaf Template
  • Acorn Caps
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Embroidery Thread & Needle
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

Directions for Making a FELT LEAF AND ACORN GARLAND:

Step 1

Step 1:  Spray paint acorn caps using antique gold.

Trace Pattern

Step 2:  Print leaf template and cut out desired leaf shape.  At this point you could trace the pattern onto the felt with a white pencil or you could pin the leaf template to the felt.  I cut out three leaves in each color of ivory, orange and turquoise.

Leaf Embroidery

Step 3:  After the leaves are cut out you can enhance the leaf by hand stitching veins in the leaves.  There’s a stitching pattern on the leaf template that you could use or you could eyeball it like I did.  {wink}

Leaf Veins

DIY Leaf

Step 4:  Don’t forget to tie a knot in your ends.

Acorn Caps

Step 5:  Drill two holes in the top of each acorn cap.  (This is where the thread or twine will be threaded through.)

Time to Assemble Garland

Step 6:  Assemble the garland with felt leaves, acorn caps, pom poms, embroidery thread/twine and hot glue gun.

Acorn Caps

Step 7:  Start by threading an acorn cap and then a single stitch through the leaf.  Follow this pattern until you have used up your leaves and acorn caps.

Assemble Acorns

Step 8:  Once you have the spacing you want with your leaves and acorn caps you can finish the acorns by hot gluing the pom pom to the acorn cap.

DIY Pom Pom Acorns

Tip:  Be sure that you have the spacing you desire because once you hot glue the pom pom to the acorn cap you can no longer reposition the acorns.

DIY Fall Garland

Step 9:  Hang the garland from a mantel, mirror or doorway.  Enjoy your new fall decor!

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    Very cute Idea. Might save this and do this with my daughter next year.

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    I’m not easily impressed but you’ve done it with that posting.

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    That’s a smart way of thinking about it.

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    What a cute idea! I love Fall decorations, and it would be fun to make this for my house. I really like the colors you chose, too.

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