Favorite Thing #2


I’m a sucker for See’s Chocolates.  I absolutely LOVE their dark chocolate nuts and chews.  Up for grabs is a gift certificate for 1 lb. of See’s Candy…..you choose your favorites!

All you need to do for a chance to win is to leave me a comment. If you want to be particularly nice, please update your readers with my new web address. http://www.sevenclowncircus.com or subscribe to my feed. All winners will be announced at the end of the week.


  1. 1

    Vicki Andrew says

    Love the option where they will pack a box for you with your choice. I get it filled with all my favorites. So good I want some See right now

  2. 5

    Paula S. says

    I love the fact that See’s lets you pick your favorites so no more getting stuck with those last few pieces that everyone hates!

  3. 13


    I love Sees!! I grew up with Sees and then was SO sad to learn that Sees was NOT on the East Coast. Can you believe it??! Luckily, they are now here….about 25 minutes away (but it’s better than not at all).

  4. 19


    I lost you there for a few weeks (forgot to update your website in my feed!). So glad I realized this last night as I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolates! Glad I found you again!

  5. 28

    Susan Ledet says

    Chocolate is my weakness and I love to find really good chocolate like See’s.
    Thanks for the sweet giveaway.

  6. 33


    see’s candies are my absolute favorite. Hubby has family in CA and we’ve had gifts from them of these…and I’ve never had a bad one. 🙂

  7. 34


    Done. I’m in. CHOOOCOLATE.. I LOVE dark chocolate.

    And.. will you have a reg. WW tomorrow.. I have just published a doozer photoshop trick.. (can you tell I’m happy with myself??) 🙂

  8. 45


    Sees chocolates are Fabulous! Can you believe my father-in-law usually gets me a box of chocolates for Valentine’s day? Sweet, huh?

    I would Love a box to give to someone else though… or keep in case I don’t get my regularly scheduled box!

  9. 51

    Valerie says

    We are major chocoholics at our house! I haven’t tried this brand yet….haven’t seen it here in Connecticut. I guess I can always order online 🙂 Thanks! I’d LOVE to try some.

  10. 52

    Bonnie McAfee says

    Winning chocolate would be a joy! Count me in this giveaway.

    Subbed to your feed by the way.

  11. 56


    I NEED these chocolates to help me get over my disappointment of not making it over here yesterday for a chance at that bracelet!!

    Oh, and See’s rocks too 🙂

  12. 57

    Charlene Kuser says

    I have never tried See’s chocolates.We don’t have one around here.I do
    love my chocolates and would love to win a box.I usually eat Cadbury’s
    since I can get them at my grocery store

  13. 62

    Teresa says

    Chocolate is the most satiating perfect food for our female hormonal issues. I would love to enjoy this box with my 2 daughters. Ahh that would be heaven in January in frozen snowy WI.

  14. 63


    OMG! See’s is the best chocolate on the planet! It is one of the things I miss most about living in California. We don’t have any See’s Candies stores out here.

    Pick me! Pick me!

  15. 66

    Laurie Murley says

    are you kidding free chocolate wow i’m beside my self, you had my attention at free chocolate, i love chocolate candy i always buy one of those big boxes they have for christmas and assamed that i eat the most of it. who doesnt love chocolate. thanks for the opportunity to win free chocolate

  16. 67

    Aisling says

    See’s Chocolates are marvelous! If I won this, I’d share with my family (even though I could hide them and eat them all myself).

  17. 69


    See’s is the best, isn’t it? I had no idea until someone took me to a store up here shortly after we moved to WA and oh. my. gosh – HEAVEN!

  18. 70

    Cynthya P says

    I love See’s. My favorite is the Toffee-ettes. Wish we had a store here so we didn’t have to pay shipping.