I feel pretty blessed to have a wonderful father.

I think I might have the world’s most easy going dad around.  Growing up, he NEVER spanked, hit or slapped me in anger (or at all).  If I recall correctly, I could only enrage him enough to chase my TRYING to kick me once.  {He never caught me, in case you are wondering.}  I thought it was great fun.   As a teenager I took great pleasure in being able to “back talk” him.  Back then I thought I was getting away with something. Now I know better.  You might be scratching your head wondering WHY I chose to talk about these particular things in regards to my dad, but they are significant.

Having a father that wasn’t volatile may have been one of the biggest blessings of my life.

He taught me a bunch of other things too.  But, we’ll save those for another year.

When I married Jeff I obtained a pretty great father in law.  I’m thankful for the attributes that make him special and a positive role model to my family.  And me.

And then there is my husband.   Jeff.   Quite possibly the most perfectly perfect dad my children could ever hope to have.  My heart sort of wells over thinking about how blessed they are to have him.  And how lucky I am to have him as my husband.

Happy Father’s Day to the “fathers” in my life, and to all men out there that do noble things every day.


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