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In second grade all of my children thus far have been responsible for doing a family history project. Here’s how we did it this year! Let me just preface this tutorial with a few things however:

I think the project is such a great way for children to:

  • learn about their family and heritage
  • how to manage their time
  • how to present material in a neat and orderly fashion
  • how to speak in front of a group

But, the down side is that a family history report is DEFINITELY a project that requires substantial parental supervision/work. {not a fan}

Garrett’s project to quite a few hours, and lots of preparation. We had to decide:

  • how to present his timeline and storyboard
  • who to interview
  • how to best utilize our time
We used the following materials:
  • tri-fold story board
  • glue
  • copies of newspaper article
  • report folder
  • photos
  • card stock

Here’s how we made the storyboard:

  1. We first picked up a trifold cardboard science report and
  2. Then made multiple copies of a newspaper article about the people that were highlighted in the project. {Garrett’s great-grand parents}
  3. Next we cut up the article in different shapes and
  4. Covered the surface of the board with copies of the article adhered with Elmer’s Glue.
  5. Finally, we mounted the images to be used on card stock,
  6. Printed out descriptive captions and
  7. Glued everything that we needed on the storyboard.
It was actually pretty easy once we had all the materials assembled, but it was time consuming. We tackled the decoupaged back one night, printed out captions another and then put everything together on another evening. And that’s just the storyboard.
Writing the 5 page interview took another several hours spaced out over the course of a few days. Each page required a rough draft and final draft, and if your kids are like mine, then you’ll know that kids as a rule HATE re-doing work.
After all of the work preparing the Family History Report, Garrett had to present his material to the class. This was the fun part for me!

Even though this project is complete and I should just be glad to be able to check one more item off my “to-do” list, I’m unable to tear my mind away from the fact that next year we are going to have to tackle TWO of these family history projects at once and that thought kind of makes me want to cry.

Do your kids do a family history report/project at school? If so, what is your experience with it? Good or bad?

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  1. 5


    It looks amazing! I think if my kids are going to need to do that I better get started on it now!
    And if I don’t know it….can I make it up, you know to make it look like our family is more interesting?

  2. 6


    Great job!

    I have a kindergartner, so I have no idea what kind of homework that we are going be seeing. I hope we can do as well as you guys… and I kind of hope we don’t have assignments that extensive.

  3. 7


    My oldest has yet to come home and say we have to do this one (although it does look fun) but we do have to build a castle this week… hmmmm…. ;P

  4. 8


    Oh my gosh! How proud are you? He looks so grown up and responsible with that pointer in his hand. I’m proud for you just thinking of it! 🙂

  5. 12


    Wow! That project is impressive! Go Mama go! You might not like doing them, but man do you have a talent for it 😉 I think family history is so important. Good for you for getting so involved with this project.

  6. 15


    What a great project! We used to have lots of them that required lots of help from parents and they were at home projects… meaning that they didn’t work on them in school at all.
    We still have the marble roller coaster & board games we’ve made!

  7. 20


    In our family we are big into Family History. Knowing and learning about our heritage is truly a hidden treasure 🙂 Very cool and fun project!

  8. 25


    i guess i am missing this meme..will be backed to post mine before its too late..life is just so busy sometimes..see yah later..seems to be an intelligent boy like his Mom!


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