Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath {DIY}

Making a Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath is a DIY craft that is super easy, cheap {or free} if you have fabric laying around and perfect for jazzing up your holiday decorating or parties!  It’s a fabulous way to recycle wire hangers instead of just throwing them out, too.  All it takes is a few snips of the scissors, some fun tearing action and tying some knots!

Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath

Directions for Making a Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath:

Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath

First:  Find the material you’d like to use as well as a wire hanger.

Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath

Second:  Manipulate/bend the hanger into a heart shape.

Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath

Step 1:  Snip the material at 1 to 1.5 inch intervals with scissors.

Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath

Step 2:  Tear the material starting where you snipped into strips.

Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath

Step 3:  Cut the length of the strips down so they aren’t so long {if they are} .  I made my strips 10″ and 8″ but you can make yours whatever length you’d like.   Most people make their strips shorter. I wanted a longer look.  My only advise it not to make your strips too short or you might have  difficulty tying them on the hanger.

Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath

Step 4:  Tie the strips of material onto the heart shaped hanger in an alternating pattern if you are using more than one material pattern.

Fabric Scrap Heart Wreath

Step 5:  You are done!  Doesn’t it look fun? Super easy, right?  Now you can display it in your home for a vintage look, or, it’s perfect for embellishing a holiday or event.  I made mine for my daughters cupcake themed birthday party and it was the perfect compliment!

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    I have so much fabric that I could do this for every holiday and regular day of the year!

    Cute idea… we may have to pull the totes out and see what we can do.


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