Edible Clown {crafty food recipe}

My kids adore Breakfast for dinner and this week, I wanted to mix things up and give them a breakfast for dinner I didn’t think they’d soon forget.  Going along with my blog theme, I made them a crafty dinner with all their favorite breakfast fixings in the shape of a clown.   I started out with an Eggo® Nutri Grain Honey Oat Waffle (my favorite) and worked my way out from there.  Eggs for the hair, fruit for the face, bacon for the hat, whipped cream for the collar.  Our crafty food clowns looked like works of art.  {{laughing}}  The best part about this meal is that it’s easy, easy, easy and I can’t even stress what a crowd pleaser it is.  My five kids loved having something fun on their plate, even if some of them may think they are too old for fun shaped food.  {smiling}

{{Stay tuned each Wednesday for another recipe.  I’m doing this each week as a challenge associated with my role as a  “Chief Waffle Officer”.  I promise you that I’ll surprise you with new and fun ways to serve up Eggo® Waffles! }}

edible clown

Edible Clown Ingredients

edible clown

Directions {Step-by-Step}

Please note:  This recipe differs from a traditional recipe because how much you prepare really depends upon your family size.  I would recommend 2-3 eggs and 3 pieces of bacon per person to make the clown.

edible clown

Step 1:  Scramble Eggs and toast Eggo® Nutri Grain Honey Oat Waffles.

edible clown

Step 2:  Assemble clown.  First place waffle, then egg ears.  Next, the bacon cap.  Then raspberries for the mouth and blueberries for the eyes.  Use a slice of banana and chocolate chip for the tip of the cap.

edible clown

Step 3:  Lastly, the finishing touch.  Use the whipped cream to make the ruffle at the bottom of the waffle.

Step 4:  Serve up quickly so it doesn’t get cold!

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Disclosure:  I’m thrilled to be able to bring you fun recipes of my creation using Kellogg’s Eggo® products as part of my paid role as a “Chief Waffle Officer”.  All  opinions and excitement are my own. 

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