That’s what my pictures from the 4th of July were. Duds. I got a whole lot of crap. Except for the picture of Jeff and the girls. These are the best of the lot. At least my memories are as vivid as I want them to be because the day was actually pretty spectacular. We had parties, parades, swimming, fireworks and hikes. And I know it was a success because Grace told me it was her best 4th of July ever. That’s huge.


  1. 2

    jenni anne says

    i agree, those are pretty great kids in those pictures! i like that in the picture of jeff with your girls, he has an extra set of mini-legs.

  2. 5

    Angie says

    Those pics weren’t duds and your crew looks very festive in them!

    Also, I loved the pee shot from your semi-wordless wednesday. Classic!

  3. 7

    Robin says

    Well these certainly weren’t duds. Having such terrific subject matter makes them all the better too :).

  4. 8

    Mama's Losin' It says

    I did’t get any good picture either…and then my camera battery died. Boo.

    But the ones you posted are sure adorable..at least you got a couple!!

  5. 11

    Laurie says

    I always feel like I get a bunch of duds too. The one of Jeff and the girls is VERY cute though!! Sounds like it was a pretty fun time.

  6. 12

    Casey's trio says

    They’re not duds, just full of life and energy like your circus!! Sounds like you had lots of fun. What did the twinnies think of the fireworks??

  7. 13

    girlytwins says

    Not duds at all…but I know what it’s like to have your pics not meet your expectations. I have a feeling mine might be the same. I have been outta town and haven’t had time to upload yet…so we’ll see. The pic of Jeff & the girls is SO adorable. And Jacob/John’s shoes are GREAT!!

  8. 14

    Crazymamaof6 says

    not duds, and at least you attempted to take some, mine are nonexistent. except for a few. and they are not FAB! and they don’t really include my whole fam, or even just my kids. LAME!
    love the one of Jeff and the girls! SO CUTE!

  9. 15

    Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    I actually like these pictures! Your kids even make “duds” look great! I love your little boys cowboy boots with the shorts, how cute is that! Dad and the girls is adorable too! They are all great!!!! I hope you have a great weekend!

  10. 16

    Lane Boyz Mom says

    Those are NOT duds!! Your kids are too cute to ever have pictures taken referred to as DUDS! Always remember that;)

  11. 18

    Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit says

    I think your duds look great. But, I know how you feel…I took a lot of pictures this year and don’t feel like I got many great ones.

  12. 19

    Tracy says

    I agree with everyone – if those are the duds – the rest had to be exceptional – at least you have a few. unlike my camera fiasco.
    love the slide show as well

  13. 21

    Jessica says

    I think you got some great pics..I know the feeling of wanting so badly just for one split second for everyone to look, smile, and keep their eyeballs open. Glad you had a great day:)

  14. 22

    Heather says

    You got some great pictures! The kids all look so cute dressed in their red, white, and blue.

  15. 23

    Melissa says

    I always hate it when you don’t get great pic’s. It’s a horrible feeling. Like when the photographer to my wedding lost 50 of our pic’s. Yeah I’m still bitter.
    I’m glad you had fun.

  16. 26

    Shannon says

    Your photos are great! I feel the same about my day though, a great time but no good pictures. Oh well, the memories are most important.

  17. 28

    angie says

    I’ve noticed a lot of outclicks on Jeff and the girls picture. Just in case you are wondering, he is holding a fire works lighter thing-majig in his hand.

  18. 33

    Connie says

    They don’t seem like duds to me….I dreamt of all these beautiful shots of my kids with sparklers…nothing.

  19. 34

    Ann says

    Found you through SITS.
    Did you say "duds"? I see many good pics here!
    The third one is so real. It just makes me laugh, then say 'Awww' ;->

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