Duct Tape Wallet {tutorial}

Duct Tape Crafts are so popular these days, and this summer is the perfect time to get Duct Tape Crafting!  {{smiling}}  I was honored enough to be invited back to Skip to My Lou for the second year in a row to participate in her annual Summer Craft Camp.  For our craft this year, Emma and I decided to see if making Duct Tape Wallets was as easy as it looks.  We found that it’s a GREAT summer craft for tweens and chronicled our Duct Tape Wallet crafting over at Skip to My Lou.  I’d love to have you stop by for the full tutorial!

Duct Tape Wallet

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      Thanks! I’m dying to take some day-time ones of the Christmas lights in town now that I have this ltlite duct-tape cardboard concoction up and running. Just saw your shots too AMAZING

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