Duct tape…..a new look

I finally got serious with the duct tape and put it on their diapers at each change. This is the second day with no stripping incidents, and I’m one happy mama.



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    Laura says

    Looks all too familar. Come to think of it I really wish I had taken a pic of that now too! One tip I have not shared is that if you split the tape in half (width wise) you can get two pieces of duct tape and you avoid skin contact easier. I usually just tore it that way and when one side ran out started the other… Does this make sense? I promise that if you use duct tape faithfully you will save yourself a lot of trouble! We had to make sure it was doubled around with no edges or they found a way to get through it every time!

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    Brooke says

    Ryan’s twinnies used to strip out of their P.J.’s early in the morning when they were still locked in their rooms. Well that lead to poop painting on the walls and the carpet. So the answer was to pin the P.J.’s on. Zippers would be pinned so they couldn’t get them off, two piece jammies would be pinned together so that pants couldn’t be lowered. Duct tape sounds like a good solution to me. Less mess to clean and eventually they will forget about getting the diapers off…

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    carrie & troy keiser says

    Oh I’ve SO been threatening to do that to my charge’s {Riley} diaper! does it work?! He’s a diaper diver and I spend the day saying, “Ri, get our hands out of there!”

  4. 6

    Stephanie says

    That is so funny! I’m sure you don’t agree 🙂 I’m very frightened of the many things in store for me after reading these comments. I’ll be coming to you for HELP when Angus and August get to this stage.

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    Sarah says

    I love these pictures!! I can’t tell you the smile that they bring to my face. Henry has also started ripping off his diaper…so I am restrained him with a onies…ha ha!!

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