Duck Tape® Headband Craft {how-to}

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Making a Duck Tape® Headband is a DIY craft that is super easy, fun, and the perfect holiday gift!  Creativity is never stifled by the Duck! Just customize the colors, for tons of possibilities.  All you need is Duck Tape®, scissors and a pen!  Duck the Halls this holiday season and bring a smile to everyone’s face!

duck tape crafta

Seasonal Duck Tape®

duck tape d

  • Seasonal Sweets
  • Holiday Bows
  • Renuin
  • Snowman

NOTE:  Duck Brand® is now on Twitter @TheDuckBrand, so be sure to follow them for tons of creative inspiration!

Directions for Making a Duck Tape® Headband:

duck tape

First:  Gather your materials.  You’ll need 2 colors of Duck Tape®, scissors, an exact-o knife and cutting board, a headband and a pen.


Step 1:  Cut a 16″ strip of Duck Tape®.  This will make the top bow of your headband, AND cover your headband. Next, if you are using a thin headband as pictured, cut a 1 cm strip down the length of the 16″ strip of Duck Tape®.  This will be used to cover the headband. (You don’t want to to completely encircle the headband because you still want the “combs” to be visible on the underside of the headband.)  When applying the Duck Tape® to the headband, start at one end and roll on working from one end to the other.


Step 2:   Next, you’ll use the strip rest of the 16″ strip to make the top of the bow.  Fold it in half, sticking the sticky sides together.  Cut any visible edges off with scissors.  Make sure your lines are straight.  Fold your strip in thirds.  Draw a half moon where the ends   meet at the edges as shown.  Cut sections out as shown. step3 Step 3:    Then, cut an 18″ strip from a coordinating Holiday Duck Tape® pattern.  This will be used for the larger section of the bow.  Fold in half, sticky edges together and then fold in thirds as you did with the smaller bow above.  Center small bow on top and cut half moons into edges as shown.  With small strip of Duck Tape®, adhere the bows.  Then take strip of Duck Tape® and place diagonally across back of headband where you’d like to place bow and attach.  Take another strip of Duck Tape® and place on opposite diagonal so it looks like an “X” on the back of the bow.

duck tape c

Step 4:  And that’s it!  You are done!  Enjoy or give as a holiday gift!


I love that using the seasonal holiday Duck Tape® patterns for these headbands makes a project that’s holiday themed, but you can use any Duck Tape® combo for a project that you can wear year round!

Holiday crafting has never been so fun!  Let’s all go Duck the Halls!  {{smiling}}

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