Dress up times Deux

What is more delightful for a sister than having one brother to dress up like a girl?

Care to guess who is who?
And now I have a blackmail photo.

Make that three.

I mean four.


  1. 3

    Are You Serious! says

    ♥ They’re so cute! I love that “they’re” keeping the head band on! I seriously have no clue which is which! 🙂

  2. 5

    Kristin says

    Did Jeff freak out? Chris always did when I dressed Luke up or put nail polish on him. When he was 2, he went as Alice in Wonderland, with a blond wig. Chris and I were the king and queen of hearts. He still hasn’t forgiven me for that. LOL.

  3. 7

    Kellan says

    How adorable!! They are definitely cute enough to be girls! What cute pictures! TAke care and I’ll see you soon. Kellan

  4. 10

    Shannon says

    What lovely little boys! I adore the flower headband – it just completes the look! They are going to hate you for that when they are teenagers!

  5. 11

    latree says

    I know for sure it was one of the twin… 😀
    I think children under 5 will look how you want them to be. Dress them girly, will be beautiful. Dress them as boys, they’ll be boys.

  6. 14

    Casey's trio says

    Those are hilarious! I have no idea who is who, but the lucky boy who is wearing the flower headband should be a model:)

  7. 15

    Josh and Betsie says

    I am not revealing them on the momo site. But on my blog everyone has know since I was little that I wanted those names. I actually made Twin A’s name up and I dont want anyone to steal it. Hee hee. Just kidding.

  8. 22

    Cecily R says

    I have no idea who is who, all I know is that they are stinkin’ adorable! Blackmail or not, even when they are 15 and mortified they’ll have to admit they are cute as buttons!

  9. 23

    Laura says

    I love these photos. I love that they actually look cute too! They are all boy in every sense of the word though just those mischievous eyes give that away!

  10. 27

    Debra says

    Oh my… those will be FABULOUS pictures for their High School yearbook for their senior year!! I have some like that of Joseph. can’t wait!! Their tantrums embarassed me and I will have sweet revenge!

  11. 28

    Natalie Hullinger says

    oh how adorable! haha That’s so cute and funny! I can just imagine your boys when they get older and you tease them with this photo hahahha. So cute!

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