Day One: Post Cards

If you are wondering what this is, then you missed my last post. I’ll still be here if you want to scroll down and read it. There now. Done?

Meet Mona. Moxie Mona.
This is Mona in Georgia visiting Tiffany from Lattes and Life.
She just happens to be the speediest traveling plush doll on the planet. I think.
Join her as she jet sets through the United States. All you need to do is come HERE daily in order to see where she’s been. The links will be listed, so it’ll be easy peasy.
If you are like me, you’ll do a little, OK, A LOT of vicarious traveling this week.
You can also see where Mona has been by going to Flickr.
We’ve got writing/photography carnivals going on Tuesday through Friday of this week that I’m participating in, and I hope you do as well.
Tomorrow, Mayhem & Moxie will be hosting their first Tuesday’s Tribute.

The writing prompts are: Since summer has officially ended, let’s take a moment to look back and pay tribute to one of the season’s most beloved past-times, the summer vacation. Write a tribute to that special aspect from your summer vacation.

Options include: 1) the most outrageous person you met while traveling, 2) the best (or worst) hotel you ever stayed in, 3) someone on your trip who saved the day, 4) the weight you gained while on vacation, 5) the book that made your vacation endurable.

Now, back to Mona. She’s been busy. Very busy. Join me for a few drop-ins. I’m dying to see what she’s been doing here in the West.

Colorado: Cheapskate Mom
What did you think of her travels through the west? Pretty country, isn’t it?

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  1. 4

    Carissa(GoodnCrazy) says

    Thanks for the chance to 'shine' with ya'll today.. I heart you, you know I do.. I have a sneaking suspicion you might have put me on the moxie girl's radar, and for that I'm grateful! 🙂

  2. 5

    Mama Kat says

    You said it Susan! I hope you all are meeting some pretty fun bloggers today and seeing some new things across the country. I know I am!!

  3. 9

    S Club Mama says

    Mona's visiting some of my favorite states: Wyoming, Colorado…but darn if she didn't skip over Nebraska. 🙂

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