I was honored to be asked to be a guest blogger again in September. Somewhere I’ve never guest posted before. As I was thinking about my post and what I have yet to write, the phrase “brown noser” came to mind. Please note that brown nosing on my part had nothing to do with getting the invitation. I promise. My brilliance just blew her away. And that’s the truth. 🙂

Anyway, so that you have it in context, here’s what I was thinking: The sentence (for the guest post) might go something like this: “I’m convinced that a little upfront brown nosing is never a bad idea. Especially when they think they are just doing something nice for someone else”.

The guest post, by the way, will appear on the 16th, but I can’t tell you where. I’m not sure if it’s a secret.

But anyway, the term “brown nosing” reminded me of this girl named Melissa I had in High School French. She was very aloof, very pretty, very goth, and very intimidating. She accused me of brown nosing the teacher. Up until that point in my life, I had never heard the term. I was like, “huh”? But I tried to act like I knew what she was talking about so she wouldn’t think I was a moron, but she saw right through me. So, she was kind enough to explain it to me. My “huh?” turned into a “huh!”. I never knew my modi operandi had a name. Oh, yes……I flattered my way into others good graces even then.

Thinking of Melissa made me recall her boyfriend who shall remain nameless because, well, I can’t remember. I’m not convinced I ever even knew it in the first place. But that’s beside the point. I had a crush on him… in, he was an upper class man that was different and cool and so attractive, even though he was goth. I wanted a cool boyfriend just like him. Just smarter. I think he even talked to me occasionally…..which was OK because he wasn’t the brightest light on the block. I didn’t have to worry about being flustered by intelligent conversation from a cute guy.

And then I remembered my 6th grade crush. His name was John V. He was a 7th grader. We had 2 classes together and he sat right behind me in both classes since our last names were near each other in the alphabet. Now that I think about it though, I don’t know why he sat behind me…..his last name came first. Anyway, there’s a mystery that shall remain unsolved….he was SO cute, and he was nice. And he talked to me all the time. My crush lasted all year. He was always asking me who I liked and I always enjoyed telling him that I would never tell. Then one day my sister, my flesh and blood ratted me out. We won’t even go into how mad I was at her. Then, he, Mr. John V. had the nerve to tell me he knew who I liked. Well, that was THAT. I never spoke to him again. I mean, I was MORTIFIED.

Which made me think of a crush I had on another guy my Freshman year. I had English with him and we sat on opposite sides of the classroom. I could tell that he was smart, even though he didn’t volunteer answers. He was cute, AND he played basketball. He didn’t know I existed, which at the time was fine by me. I was able to gaze at his unsuspecting face for a whole hour every day. He was also “taken” by my friend. Or so I thought. She had his name doodled on every square inch of school material she owned. I felt fine waiting to move in on her territory, then. I forgot about my resolve Sophomore year. Junior year I saw him a few times and recalled with nostalgia how he was the only guy my age that I thought was cute in the good ol’ days. Senior year, I pounced. That chick from before was history.

And now we’ve been married a decade and we have 5 kids.

*Don’t forgot to join me tomorrow for Wordful Wednesday. It’s just not as fun without you.


  1. 1

    Robin says

    Oh my goodness, he was your high school crush? And you landed him, married him, and really truly lived happily ever after?


    So romantic… Happy goofy sigh.

  2. 2

    Carrie says

    This is a really neat story. Thanks or sharing. I often think back to my high school crushes and I thank God that I didn’t end up with them. I’m glad you found a great one and that you have spent a wonderful life together!

  3. 6

    Mekhismom says

    What a great story Angie. I love hearing about how with patience you can acquire the things that you really want! ; )

  4. 7

    mannequin says

    Oh my goodness ! He was your high school crush… how romantic.
    I think you were wise; good things come to those who wait.

    You two look so perfect together.
    Thank you for letting us in on that!
    Inquiring minds wanna know.

  5. 10

    Casey's trio says

    Ha-Ha…this was a fun read! What a great story you and Jeff have to tell:) And I can’t wait to find out where you are guest posting!

  6. 11

    Melissa says

    Oh, I know where that bed is from….I’m so going there…well, if a hurricane doesn’t flatten the place.

    Hey, you want to guest blog for me when I’m gone?

  7. 13

    Laura says

    I already knew some of this story but it was so much better reading it this way! Oh and I know you did not really name John after your high school crush (lol).

    Can’t wait to see where you are guest posting!

  8. 14

    Jaime says

    This was a fun post. I loved reading about you and your husband. So it was you, then, that made the first move? That’s awesome:)

  9. 15

    Clark Captions says

    Very tender! Way to be patient before making the big move! I love the happily ever ending stories! And your family is beautiful too!

  10. 16

    Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    Way to bid your time and them go in for the kill! Looks like you won! You are a cute couple! 🙂

  11. 17

    Cecily R says

    Look at you two and your cuteness! I love your pouncing story!

    Oh, the crushes I could talk about…except a lot of them are my friends on facebook. And what if they read my blog? Mortifying!:)

  12. 18

    MoziEsmé says

    Aw, how sweet!

    I’ve been thinking of crushes this week too for some reason, but nothing as romantic as this. . .

  13. 20

    TONYA says

    ha, what a great story.

    It was funny being back ‘home’ recently and driving around old neighborhoods and past houses or ‘date spots’ of old flames. Memories.

  14. 21

    Live.Love.Eat says

    That is sooo cool you have known each other since high school. It’s only been a few years huh 🙂 You guys make a nice couple!!! Ah, I remember my crushes. Spent too much time walking down a hallway I didn’t need to be just to pass a certain locker…….

  15. 23

    Kim says

    What a great story! Makes me remember some of my crushes! Anyway that’s awesome that you married your highschool sweetheart!

  16. 25

    Tracy says

    how neat that a crush is now the love of your life. I think back and still smile some blushed embarrassment over some of my crushes. I’ll need to remember this for when my girls are older.

  17. 27

    Jen says

    I am married my high school sweet heart and his name is Jeff too. That was a really nice post. Sometimes everyone needs a little ‘brown nosing.’

    Anyway, thanks for you support and sorry that you were not one of the finalist. Just keep up with the recipes, I like your salad. I made it this past weekend. Yum!

  18. 30

    Kate says

    love the stream of consciousness AND the fact that you have red-heads. My number three finally shares my hair:) glad to have found your blog!

  19. 32

    Mark and Kiss says

    Angie, I love the way you write and take us by the hand down memory lane. So beautifully and cleverly said. I love your humor. It makes it even more fun knowing both of you when I read your posts. Jeff IS a great catch! He’s a wonderful provider, a good guy, kind and thoughtful, a good daddy, and capable at doing anything handy. It’s fun to hear your story because he is the perfect high school crush, cute, quiet and smart….however, I must say that he got quite a catch as well.

  20. 34

    avtcoach says

    Lucky you! Did you go to your 10yr reunion. Bet you guys were “the” alumni success story. Congratulations, you are working well on a life well lived!

  21. 36

    Kim Heinecke says

    Yummy story! If I had married my high school crush, I probably would’ve had to help break him out of the “pen”. Mr. Rogers wasn’t quite the catch I once thought!

    Hoping to play tomorrow – gotta dig something up…

  22. 39

    Laurie says

    That was a fun story to read and I am glad that you are together! You make a very cute couple.

    Just went to my Jeff’s high school reunion this past weekend. Small town and his cousin graduated with him. She was looking at her old crush and thanking God that they did not end up together. He is now bald and overweight! 🙂

  23. 41

    WheresMyAngels says

    You all make a cute couple!!
    It is a good think Child Husband and I didn’t meet while I was in highschool, cause if we had, that would of meant I was his babysitter!! lol

  24. 45

    christa jean says

    Congrats on 10 years of marriage! It is becoming a rare thing to last so long, sadly.

    I love seeing the pics of your redheads! My oldest has red hair and I never saw that coming! I’m not sure I can catch up to you by the time I reach my 10 year anniversary, but I’ll be close!
    With 3 daughters living, one in heaven, and a baby boy in the womb. What a crazy and glorious life it is!

    Glad I found ya!

  25. 46

    Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Angie, that was awesome to read! I love to think back on all the guys I had crushes on. There were a lot!!!!! Woah, that will take me a moment. Carl was a huge rush and unfortunatley he was dating my roommate when I was getting to know him. Ha,ha,ha! I broke that rule. oh well. Very cute.

  26. 47

    Helene says

    That was a great story of how you met your husband!!! Definitely a happy ending!! Isn’t it fun to think back to that time and now realize that you have 5 kids together?!!

  27. 50

    Rhea says

    I can’t wait to hear where you are guest blogging!

    I’ve guest blogged once, and I volunteered to do it. I’ve never been asked. It was nerve wracking though, worrying I was going to offend the blogger’s readers or write a stupid post. I think I did ok. I think.

  28. 52

    Kristen Andrews says

    found your blog from Jennifer at The Dirty Shirt, love it! I think you are on Beautiful Faboulous also! Howdy!

  29. 53

    raising4boys says

    Loved your story. It’s always fun to hear how couples met. Yours definitely kept me on the end of my seat.

  30. 54

    Migraine Mom says

    I love a good love story! Hubby and I met 17 years ago in June. We’ve been married for 12 of those glorious years! I was a baby when I met him…18, almost 19 and I still love him as much, if not more then I did that day! You guys make an adorable couple! True love does exist…aren’t we lucky???

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