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You know how some people have that knack for making whatever it is they do special? They pay close attention to detail and have an eye for color and combinations that work well together.  You know, the kind that are just plain talented?  Kacey is one of those people.  I absolutely LOVE her style and ability to personalize gifts and parties.  She’s SUPER cute and sweet, plus, she is a mother after my own heart as she has twins, like me!

I asked her to guest post today and share a tutorial that would be great for the gift givers out there that want something special.  Like me.

You can find Kacey at Chronicles of a Mommy (it’s that the greatest blog title?).


{As promised here is the “tutorial” on how to make this butterfly applique shirt. It is SUPER simple. This is my version on how to do this – the most simplest sewing machine free way. I kind of wing everything and learn through trial and error. If you would like more of an in depth tutorial there is a great one right here.

Here is what you are going to need:
Scrap paper
Pre-washed T-shirt – I got mine from Wal-Mart. It is the Geranimals brand and it washes really nicely
Two pre-washed scrap fabric pieces – preferably different complimentary fabrics
Hot iron
Iron on adhesive
Thread or embroidery floss
This is what we’re making…
Pick two pieces of fabric to create your butterfly. I was originally going to use this dragonfly as a template, but I was better at drawing my butterfly freehand. *Remember to make sure that your T-shirt/onsie and fabric are both pre-washed.*
Freehand your butterfly on scrap paper, or anything else you would like to make…
Cut out all of your pieces….
Use your cut out pieces of paper to cut out your pieces of fabric….

Make sure your pieces of fabric line up how you would like them to. Adhere your iron on adhesive to the back side of your fabric. *I found my adhesive at JoAnn’s, however, I would imagine that it would be available at any craft or fabric store.*

Once your butterfly is ironed onto your T-shirt and is secure, you want to add a little more embellishment that also acts as a little more security for your applique. Use your thread and needle to whipstitch around the entire applique. Apparently I have my own version of a whipstitch so I will spare myself the embarrassment. My friend Michelle clued me in on how to do an actual whipstitch though so fear not. One thing I learned is that I would use embroidery floss in lieu of thread the next time. I think I would like the bolder look of the floss. Its just a matter of preference though.
Once you’ve stitched all around your applique, throw that baby back the the washer and dryer to get the cute frayed edges. Once it’s dry…Viola! You have a sassy appliqued shirt all your own. There are several other ones that I would like to do…I think a tiara would be stinikn’ cute and so many others. I’ll be sure to let you know if I come up with anything else.
I hope you enjoyed this little lesson. Another note I would like to make is if you do have a sewing machine, you can do a cute zig zag stitch (which I need to practice) or even a regular stitch. It was much less stressful for me to hand stitch. I think this will continue to be my best bet because I will also use the embroidery floss next time as well.
If you would like to make the matching tu-tu you can find the tutorial on that here from the fab Refugee Crafter. I took the liberty of making Lily’s longer in the back so it looks like a little train and added the bow. It was SO CUTE on her!
Have a wonderful day!}


  1. 1

    Misty Rice says

    That does seem pretty creative. I always wanted to try and do something cute, simple and fun for my daughter. Maybe Ill actually brave it out and give this a try

    I have commented on here in a while…but I still lurk.


  2. 4

    Jennifer P. says

    oh I LOVE tutorials…even if it's for something no child in my house would wear. (but maybe one for me?! 🙂 )

  3. 19

    Nicole says

    Very cute!! Now, if I only had girls to appreciate something like that…..I guess i could always do monster trucks??!! I love it.

  4. 21

    T Rex Mom says

    I did shirts like this with Christmas trees on them for all the kids in our playgroup. It's much easier than one would expect.

  5. 27

    Night Owl Mama says

    WOW that is great I love it. and yes very simple and cute. My daughter would luv to do something like that and you can get material and tshirts so cheap these days.

  6. 28

    BoufMom9 says

    LOVE this Kacey! So glad Angie had you post about this here 🙂
    Fun! I will definitely have my girls try making some for themselves… maybe even their names or something like "drama queen". LOL

  7. 29

    Live.Love.Eat says

    Kacey is one of my most fav people on earth and I cannot believe I haven't been by in a while. She is one talented lady and the sweetest to boot!!!!!!!! I will be by again to see the rest and catch up!

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