1. 2

    Laura says

    That looks like a face your twins would make! I can see a lot of your twins and Emma in that picture. All your kids are really a mix. I am loving your childhood memories. Wish I had mine around.

  2. 3

    Casey's trio says

    Look at how cute you were! I totally agree with Laura and see the resemblance of Jacob and John in that expression:)

  3. 5

    girlytwins says

    I totally see Jacob’s and John’s expression in that picture of you. What a great picture. Sweet mischief 🙂

  4. 11

    Melissa says

    Oh my heaven, YOU are ADORABLE Angie! I bet your parents just ate you up every day ; )! Love the photo!!

  5. 26

    Shannon says

    You are that kid that always got picked correctly when you took your baby pic to school. You look the same! What a sweet little lovely girl!

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