cheap, cheap……

I did NOT want to buy a new camera battery. So, I convinced Jeff (or rather together we decided) to go under house with this plan: cut through the PVC pipe, retrieve my battery and then repair the pipe. Easy. It seemed simple enough, and would have been if he hadn’t sawed through the pipe right where the battery was. What are the odds, right? So, now we have a central vac pipe that needs repairing, a hot, un-usable battery, Jeff’s time was squandered, AND I still have to buy a new one.


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    Debra says

    There are just some days we should give in to the urge to pull the covers back up over your head and go back to sleep!!!! Sorry for your day. Thank goodness night comes and tomorrow will be another day to start fresh!!

  2. 8

    jeremiahrjones says

    I’m never going to Vegas with you and Jeff.

    I hate to be the anti-heather, but please, please don’t play the lottery. You would be the one person in a ten million that had to pay the state money after the ticket machine short-circuited and tripped a breaker that sent the entire west coast power grid into rolling blackouts.

    Seriously, though–what are the odds? How long is the pipe, and how far from the point of no return did Jeff cut the pipe? I’ll calculate it for your next post…

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