Luck IS on my side!

I truly believe that everyone is lucky, some people just have more luck than others. I fall into the “not as much luck” category. In fact, up until recently I’d consider myself very unlucky for themost part. I always fall into random 1-5% percent categories, which is unlucky, right?   Monoamniotic pregnancies only occur in […]

A Meaningful Moment – Helping Them Become Who They Are Meant To Be

This past year was ushered in with an epiphany.  A series of small realizations over the year brought me to a super meaningful moment, and that’s when I realized that my role as a mother had changed and that even though I’m an adult, it’s never too late to reach for goals, both big and small. […]

10 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Game Day Party

Hosting a Game Day party can be super simple, whether you have 10 friends in attendance or 50. {I wouldn’t know about any larger a crowd, I’ve never tried it!}  Here are my tips for throwing a Game Day Party that is guaranteed to leave you feeling frazzle-free.  {I promise} 10 Tips for Hosting the […]

Let’s Talk Budgeting for 2012!

Jeff set up a budget for our family the last quarter of 2011. It was the first time in our married lives that we’ve set out a clear budget and stuck to it. It’s actually been really wonderful. Now that 2012 is upon us, I’m more committed than ever to trying to stick to our […]

Holiday Traditions – Christmas Eve Breakfast

As a mother, I’ve loved being able to begin new traditions and carry on old one’s. Holiday traditions are especially rewarding, but they also take more planning and thought than traditions that we have throughout the rest of the year.  They simply involve more work and coordination.  {which isn’t a bad thing} One of the […]

Giving Back: Discussing Ways

Last month I was overwhelmed (in a good way) each day when I’d go to Facebook or Twitter and see post after post after post about things that friends and family were thankful for.  As December moves forward, I’m noticing that more and more people are talking  about the spirit of giving and ways that […]

Best Advice for Baby for Million Moms Campaign

I am so in love with the Million Moms Challenge with ABC!  The goal is to engage “a million Americans with millions of mothers in the developing world around issues that directly impact pregnancy, childbirth and children’s health.   The Million Moms Challenge will raise awareness and funds to help women and children everywhere survive and thrive”. […]

Black Friday Live Chat ~ $1000 in prizes!

I’m so excited about the Live Chat I’ll get to be a hostess for on Black Friday starting at 8 am PST (see below for more details!)!  There will be over $1,000 dollars in prizes awarded, and I guarantee it’ll be worth your time.  My peeps always seem to have good luck during these chats, […]

Holiday Almond Pound Cake Recipe

  One of the things that we do in our house during the fall and winter to remind us of the changing seasons {and holidays} is to BAKE.  Nothing quite screams “holidays” like a warm kitchen with yummy smells coming from the oven.   We have a few good old fashioned favorites, but this recipe […]

I Knew My Family Was Complete When….

When I was still in the “having babies” stage of my life, I must have heard a thousand times, “Are you done yet?”  The question was always mildly annoying and seemed a bit presumptuous, but I always replied, “I’m not sure, I’ve just always thought that when I was done, I’d know”. I never had […]

Writing for the The Million Moms Challenge

What went through your mind when you held your child for the first time? I don’t think that I’ll ever forget the wonderfully sweet feeling I felt when I first held each of my children.  I remember feeling such an outpouring of love for the tiny little bundle of goodness  laying in my arms and […]

6 Fun Things to do in the Fall and a {Giveaway}

I’m loving that Fall is upon us. I’m not seeing many signs of Fall besides a crispness to the air in the morning here in Southern California, but I’ll take it.  I *HEART* Fall. I think there are 6 fun things every family should doing during the Fall but you’ll have to click over to […]

I’d Do It Again If I Had To, But I’m Glad I Don’t.

What was the best or worst part of your pregnancy? My pregnancy with my twins was a nightmare.  Really and truly.  Using the word nightmare seems so bold and vivid and exaggerated, but almost 6 years out, I STILL look back on my pregnancy and remember the worry, the heartache, and the mental anguish that […]

Fall Fashion Live Chat

Some of you may recall that I’m a Community Leader in the Savvy Living Community over on The Blog Frog.  What that means is that I get to have an active roll in the discussions that are going on in the community, AND I get to co-host live chats.  Plus, I get to invite you […]

Project Runway Anyone?

I stopped watching TV a few years ago. I still watch a few minutes here and there, but I never sit down and watch a whole program.  There were a few factors that influenced my decision, but I think the biggest factor was that TV just stopped catching my interest.  I realized that there were […]

Dutch Oven Recipes for Camping

It’s time for our annual Utah Camping Trip. I’m super excited as it’s the first time I’ve been camping with my dad and all of my siblings in probably 20 years. I plan on doing some serious dutch oven cooking, and I’d LOVE for you to leave me your favorite recipes to try. Sending you […]

Blogger vs. WordPress: A Discussion

Remember back when you were on Blogger and trying to decide whether or not to move to WordPress? For me is was a totally stressful time. I was worried that I’d be overwhelmed by the backend of WordPress, that the transfer would be botched or that I’d just plain hate the new platform. I remember […]

Savvy Living Community Launch-$1500 worth of Prizes FREE!

I’m one of the newest Savvy Living Community Leaders and couldn’t be happier about it.  I love to find ways to save money, and EBATES, the sponsor of the community has LOADS of ways to save with over 1200 retailers nationwide.  In the Savvy Living Community you’ll find “like minded” shoppers wanting to chat about […]

Saving Memories: Video Conversion By Pixorial

I received a package in the mail a few days ago containing the most exciting empty, plain, white box I’ve ever had the fortune of being mailed to me. Sounds strange {and silly} I know, but it’s true. The empty, plain, white box is the box in which I am going to send my old […]

Memories In Motion Community

Last week I mentioned that I’m a new Community Leader for the BlogFrog Community, Memories in Motion, ear marked for all things Memory Making. It’s been great so far, but it would be really fabulous if YOU joined me there.  What better way (for me!) than to see more of you here, there and at […]