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    Robin says

    Looks like a terrific trip, and beautiful photos!

    We too went camping this summer for the first time since the kids were born and it went really well. We didn’t have the incentive of such a pristine spot either, how I wish there were places that look like that to camp here. Reminds me, we need to buy a new tent while we’re in the States. Ours is too small and has suddenly decided to start decomposing. Definitely time for an upgrade.

  2. 3

    Stephanie says

    We haven’t tried the camping trip yet! Your campsite looks gorgous. You all are so clean, well dressed and groomed for campers!!! I’d hate to share any of my camping pics 🙂 Beautiful shots.

  3. 4

    Threeundertwo says

    Please tell me you took these pictures when you just arrived. The kids and I don’t look that well-groomed at home!

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    Veggie Mom says

    Really nice photos–you all look cool as cucumbers up with the lake and the mountains! BTW, Aunt Julie needs help planning the rehearsal dinner for her son’s wedding, and needs your help. Plus, she’s giving away a complete set of Pop’rs in the bargain-the best way to encourage your family to Eat Their Veggies! Please drop in sometime and check it out!

  5. 16

    Brooke says

    We should all plan a big trip and go together. We love it and Myles is really a great camper. He loves being outside. Looks like you have some beautiful places to go.

  6. 17

    Rachel says

    Looks like fun & your pictures are great. My kids are dying to go camping, we were supposed to go in June but they have to wait until next month at our "ward" campout.


  7. 18

    Don Mills Diva says

    WOw – it looks just beautiful there. I am anxious to camp again – we haven’t attempted it since Graham came along…

  8. 19

    latree says

    looks so much fun! did you sleep in the tent for nights?
    we planned to go camping this dry season, but Dan thinks it is too cold at night.

  9. 20

    Rhea says

    I love all the pictures of your camping trip. Beautiful scenery and looks like good family time. Everyone looks so happy!

    I’m glad it went went with all (and the twins). Yay!

  10. 21

    Shannon says

    Oh. My. Goodness, those photos are great! Love all the daddy/kiddo pics…priceless.

    I really wanted to try camping this summer but my hubby is not an outdoorsman. Its going to take a lot of convincing!

  11. 23

    Heather says

    What a big step!! We just tried our first “vacation” this past weekend, but it was in a hotel…I’m too scared to try camping.

  12. 25

    Tamara says

    Looks like lots of fun. The kids wanted to go this summer but somehow camping and being 7 1/2 months pregnant don’t seem to go together. Oh well, maybe next year.

  13. 26

    Laurie says

    What great pictures! and it seems teh memories are matching or better! Almost enough to inspire me to take our troop out into the wild.:) Don’t tell Brian that shhh..

  14. 27

    Gunnisac Sandersons says

    I found that camping is just not as fun when you’re an adult. New found respect for my mom going at it alone with 4 kids, taking us camping alone. It’s hard work. Pictures are cute

  15. 28

    Jessica says

    You got some awesome pics. If you can camp with five kids, I am encouraged that I can do it with two. You all look way too clean for camping, maybe all the pics were taken when you first arrived..ha ha..

  16. 30

    MoziEsmé says

    Looks like a grand adventure! How do you keep from losing all those kids in the wild, though?!

  17. 31

    Casey's trio says

    I’m with Jessica…you rock taking 5 kids camping. The 2 of us can’t even make it 1 night in Tahoe with our 5 kids combined….bunch of sissies we are.

  18. 32

    Rebecca says

    I love it! We just got a tent and are planning on our first family outing for when it cools down a bit. Looks like so much fun!

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