Best of 2009….A Year in Review.

Each year {I exaggerate.  It’s not every year.  But it seems like it} I go back to my archives and dig around and am reminded of what I did throughout the previous year.  If you can believe it, I even stumble upon posts that I think are pretty clever, that evoke emotion or are just plain telling.  For the majority of the time though during my walk down memory lane, I alternately roll my eyes at myself, and repeat way too many times, “I forgot about that”. 

For the record:  I forget about a lot of things.  It’s because I’m busy.  Really, really busy.  That’s what I tell myself anyway.  It can’t be that I’m getting old.  Right?  Right?

After being reminded of a lot of things, I found a few posts worthy of review. 

May I present 2009.  My Year in Review:

January….well, let’s just forget January, shall we?  Sadly, nothing worth linking there.

February I did a past post parade.  Interesting if you are interested in what was interesting to me the previous year.

In March I had the best darn guest posters starting here.

Ah, April. I checked out and went to Mexico.

In May I wrote about hearts.

Let me just tell you that in June Jeff and I worked our tails off.  And a certain busboys, too.

We finally got to feeling settled in our new home in July.

I didn’t realize that August was the month when our backyard landscaping and pool remodel was finally completed.  It’s also the month where I think I wrote my best post about the complexities of  friendships.

In September I was so frightened I think I got a grey hair.

October brought writings on Motherhood {here and here} and my most influential teacher.

In November I felt pretty THANKFUL and we had one last Hurrah at the Magic Kingdom.

December brought changes….from there to here, and a real “feel good”  gift.

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  1. 1
    Twitter: _MamaJules_

    Those are some great posts! The one on friendships really hit home. My daughter is at the age where you can really start to see who the real friends and who are just acquaintances.

  2. 4

    Crap, now I’ve gotta come back when I’ve got more time to read all of those? LOL! I’m sure I’ve already read most of them. Or some. A few. No really, a lot.

    Justine :o )

  3. 5

    Loved the review – I did one on my blog too.

    I am considering doing one for the past decade too – but that is scary as it goes back to before blogging (fortunately my dh has kept a journal so that will help me remember) and also to before digital photography!

  4. 6

    Looks like you had a GREAT year:-)

  5. 7

    What a year! Loved the one on friendship. I can so relate.

  6. 8

    angie…i am so glad you recapped. happy new year to you!!!

  7. 9

    Sounds like it’s been a great year…some of those posts are particular favorites of mine too. :)

    • 10
      Twitter: 7clowncircus

      Did you like the one about how I would shrivel away and die without my friend Mama Kat? :)

      • 11

        Any post with a mention of my name shoots right to the top in my book.

      • 12

        Sorry for my endless qouitsens…do you think this will work for pumpkin and sweet potatoes? Im thinking of just mashing these up and coat with egg and bread crumbs then bake…think the sweetness of pumpkins and sweet potatoes do not require any seasoning…what you think?

  8. 13
    Twitter: 1momof5

    I remember those posts! I think I’ll have to go back and reminisce through your old posts. Fun stuff!

  9. 15

    Love your year in review! It’s fun to see what I’ve missed out on and fabulous to learn a little more about you!

  10. 17

    It’s very nice to meet you! I’m stopping by from SITS today :) I will be returning as well, have a nice day!

    • 18
      Twitter: 7clowncircus

      Thank you so much for the visit!

    • 19

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  11. 20

    What a great idea. I never realized how nice it is to have a blog to document your life. I have a problem remembering what happened last month let alone last year!

  12. 22

    Oooh Angie – I likey the new digs. ;-)

  13. 24

    I am happy to see I have read probably all of them. I have had a wonderful year in visits to your place. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 26


    Just kidding. I have to check out your friendship post. Inta rested :) I dont’ think I amounted to much this year. I think I was nice in December. :) lol
    I think I started reading you around the pool remodel time or shortly after.

  15. 28

    It looks like you had such a wonderful year Angie! I hope this next year is wonderful too!

  16. 29

    I like your recap post! I didn’t think about it being a new decade! Now I need to reflect on the last 10 years, lol! It’s been awhile since I stopped by. Love your new WEBSITE! Your getting up there :)

  17. 31

    I think being able to look back like this is one of the best benefits of a blog.

  18. 32
    Twitter: mommynamedapril

    love the recap!!!

  19. 33

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  20. 34

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