Best of 2009….A Year in Review.

Each year {I exaggerate.  It’s not every year.  But it seems like it} I go back to my archives and dig around and am reminded of what I did throughout the previous year.  If you can believe it, I even stumble upon posts that I think are pretty clever, that evoke emotion or are just plain telling.  For the majority of the time though during my walk down memory lane, I alternately roll my eyes at myself, and repeat way too many times, “I forgot about that”. 

For the record:  I forget about a lot of things.  It’s because I’m busy.  Really, really busy.  That’s what I tell myself anyway.  It can’t be that I’m getting old.  Right?  Right?

After being reminded of a lot of things, I found a few posts worthy of review. 

May I present 2009.  My Year in Review:

January….well, let’s just forget January, shall we?  Sadly, nothing worth linking there.

February I did a past post parade.  Interesting if you are interested in what was interesting to me the previous year.

In March I had the best darn guest posters starting here.

Ah, April. I checked out and went to Mexico.

In May I wrote about hearts.

Let me just tell you that in June Jeff and I worked our tails off.  And a certain busboys, too.

We finally got to feeling settled in our new home in July.

I didn’t realize that August was the month when our backyard landscaping and pool remodel was finally completed.  It’s also the month where I think I wrote my best post about the complexities of  friendships.

In September I was so frightened I think I got a grey hair.

October brought writings on Motherhood {here and here} and my most influential teacher.

In November I felt pretty THANKFUL and we had one last Hurrah at the Magic Kingdom.

December brought changes….from there to here, and a real “feel good”  gift.

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