Best Friends

Yesterday I asked Garrett who his best friend was. Without hesitation he said, “daddy my friend”. I asked him if I was his best friend too. He said, “no, you not my best friend”. I had to laugh. One never has to worry about a child trying to be diplomatic. I’m glad that Garrett has such a good friend and daddy.
Garrett turned 3 this month and got some really cool toys…….here’s a picture of one of them.


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    Laura says

    Happy Birthday Garrett!I didn’t realize he was just a bit older than my twins… I guess he can have his pick of them. My son is so attached to his Grandpa that most of the day I hear… “Cranpa, I mean mommy” Real flattering that he can’t remember my name LOL!

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    Debra says

    Happy Birthday Garrett!!! How sweet for him and his dad. Joseph always says the same thing… best friend is his daddy… they are buddies!

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