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    Debra says

    Hey Angie, your boys are so adorable!!! I saw all your recent pictures. Your family is beautiful!! I wish we lived closer to you. We would have so much fun with our 10 kids.

    BTW.. I love your bath tub.

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    Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    your boys are growing up soooo big. they are adorable too :). btw, i had a similar conversation with my son this evening when he said that a girl in his pre-school told him that she loved him….lol. they are now boyfriend/girlfriend. i just posted it on the website as well as a video of me asking him about it. anyway, i just wanted to say how cute your boys are, sorry i haven’t been around lately. i still consider you a great friend. i can’t beleive the boys will be one!!!! have a great evening.

  3. 22

    Laura says

    Those babies are so adorable!!! They really look so much alike, I don’t know how you know who is who. I also love your bathroom, seeing your house in pictures I can tell its just my stule 🙂

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