Back to School

I had to do it. I had to do a back to school post. Despite the fact that every other mom blogger in the universe has already done one. After all, this is a mommy blog and I have to document milestones, right? Right?

I’m pretty sure my girls were the last kids in the world to finally go back to school.

But go back they did and they were SO excited. I am so thankful that both of my girls have a great love of school and head out the door everyday ready for a full day of fun and learning.

So, adieu my sweet girls. I’ll miss you. Remember I love you, and know that this time away from each other is good for all of us (said with a smile). Work your little fannies rear ends off and take the year by storm. I know you will!

The winner of the Twisted Silver Giveaway will be posted tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience.


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    Shannon says

    Those girlies just melt me! They are so gorgeous and adorable. You are lucky to have 2 motivated students. I am just praying I get 1 at this point:) Have a great year girls!!

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      Waaat een mooie stofjes!!! En wat matkae je er heerlijke jurkjes en rokjes van!!! En zonder zon kun je ze altijd ergens overheen doen. Dit is te leuk om in de kast te leggen!

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    mannequin says

    Why, they appear to LOVE one another!
    It’s so nice that they like school and like to learn; it makes it easier and it makes it fun, doesn’t it?

    They are so cute and they’ve both been graced with your lovely locks!

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    Rhea says

    Your daughters are beautiful! I love their hair. I hope they have a wonderful day at school!! My boys love school too. It’s so nice to have children excited about learning and being with their friends. Makes getting up so early that much easier!

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    The Pink Potpourri says

    they are SO beautiful! i always loved the first day of school. my mom took a picture every year, and my sisters and i love looking back at them now! we always had our “first day of school” outfit and backpack. when we were younger, we always took some flowers to our teacher from our garden. luckily, our mom didn’t make us do that in high school 🙂

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    Elizabeth says

    I know I tell you this all the time, but your girls are beautiful! My sister and I were both excited to go back to school every year too. I’m sure that makes it a little easier on mom. I hope they both have a great year.

  6. 92

    Sara says

    Your girls are ADORABLE!

    I have no idea how you blog with 5 kids, but then again, some people ask me how I do it with 3. It’s all about SCHOOL! :0)

    Thanks for the visit to my blog!

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    Jennifer P. says

    I could read these back to school posts all day long—because it’s different kids every time :)! They’re cutie pies!

  8. 125

    Kacey Randolph says

    Your girls are beautiful! And talk about stylin’ – that sassy school bag and those glasses – LOVE! Its awesome that they love school. I’m sure that makes things much easier on Mama! :o)

  9. 126

    Molly says

    They are gorgeous. Although fanny means something else where I come from so it kind of makes me cringe! Sorry, I am bringing your blog down a level!!

  10. 147

    Crazymamaof6 says

    whoohooo! back to school! i can’t believe they get to wear jackets! that is so awesome! my poor kids come home red faced and swearing everyday. what a wonder different states are. amazing. swear! they look so cute! how exciting for you. i love back to school time. love that you took a picture of the bus!

  11. 150

    Melanie says

    What cuties…Hope they had a great first day>week back to school.

    I was sad in a.. they are growing up so fast…but the sadness changed slightly when I went shopping without having to worry where they were running off to!!

  12. 151

    Jaysi says

    Your girls are so beautiful and it sounds like they are smart to boot!! What a lucky mom! I hope they have a wonderful year.

  13. 152

    blueviolet says

    They’re adorable! I must say that this is quite late to start school for the year. I’ll bet they were eager to get it going.

  14. 177

    Tabitha says

    Your daughters are so cute. Your oldest is a dead ringer for you and your younger daughter has gorgeous red hair!!!

  15. 178

    Aubrey says

    OmGosh! Your girls are absolutely gorgeous! And how could they not be? Just look at their mommy!!

    Great back to school post!

  16. 183

    girlytwins says

    Your girls are so gorgeous Angie. Your boys are gonna have their work cut out for them when they get older 🙂 It is so wonderful that they love school. I always loved going to school too.

    And…The singing video was at our fair. It was really cool. They had an entire section for little kids that was free. Petting zoos, farm adventures, pig races, etc. They had a stage set up for little kids to go up & sing. The girls hammed it up. They was a huge crowd by the time they got off stage. They each sang away. The video is of Charlotte but we have a similar Addee video. They bowed at the end when everyone clapped 🙂

  17. 184

    Kimberly says

    Your girls are beautiful! I hope they have good teachers! Thanks for reading my blog so regularly. And, thanks for all the encouragement! It is so nice to know that other people believe in what I am doing, too.

  18. 185

    Mark and Kiss says

    Great post Angie. The girl’s are so beautiful and grown. Hooray that they love school.

    I think that Anson does too, but he just doesn’t want me to think he does…I don’t know.

  19. 246

    Munchkins and Music says

    They are so pretty! I like how excited everyone is about back to school, you can write about it too! 🙂

  20. 250

    Cecily R says

    You’re right. You HAD to do a back to school post. Just look at those pretty girls!! How could you NOT post their first day of school glow?

  21. 251

    Good N Crazy says

    My excuse for being late on the back to school thing but still doing one (at least I plan to) moving of course with exactly 4 days before school started! I found a good idea for how to do it though, and it’s for the kids right? THAT’s why we blog right?

  22. 252

    Taya says

    Wow! Your school does start late! It’s nice to see a mommy blogger that had kiddos older that 3 or 4 years old. Sometimes I feel like the old woman on the block! 🙂 Maybe we can swap tween stories sometime!

  23. 253

    Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Your girls are so beautiful. I hope the school year is very good to them. Cora is having a hard time with the full day thing.

  24. 254

    Kristin says

    AAAACCCKKKK! Too many comments to scroll through!!!!

    Sorry. Had to vent. The girls are darling. Isn’t Garrett in Kindy this year? What about pre-school?

  25. 255


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