At Seventeen…

Me, at Seventeen…..

My mom at Seventeen…

The top picture was edited from this original. I love photo editing software, especially if it’s free like Picasa. I also adore the outfit I’m wearing. Gotta love the early nineties (can you hear my snicker?)…..leotards for tops and mens jeans for the bottoms…..


  1. 1

    latree says

    you both are beautiful, and I can see some of your mom’s line in your face.
    you don’t change much.
    we say, ‘awet muda’, always look young.
    love the picture.

  2. 2

    Robin says

    You’re beautiful, just like your mother.

    I’m so sad for you that you aren’t able to do another comparison for how you look today. You must be missing her very much right now.

  3. 4

    Laura says

    What a wonderful post!!! You were beautiful then and beautiful now. I have to love the outfit too, especially the mens jeans! I can also see a lot of your mother in you. I honestly have none of my pictures before marriage. Hmmm…

  4. 6

    Crazymamaof6 says

    both of you are beautiful women! love that outfit! you were HOT and you know it! i loved guys jeans! and the whole leotard tucked in ? yeah wish i could wear that now? ha! hahahahaha! too funny! a thought, i could but it would be not pretty. those were the days!

  5. 7

    Shannon says

    I can see where you got your gorgeous looks from and that hair! I think I might do just about anything for it! Thank you for sharing this.

  6. 8

    Kelly says

    Hmmm…I remember those trends all too well. What year did you graduate high school? I was out in WA state for high school.

    Anyway, love the pics. I know you must miss your mom terribly. Thank you for sharing her photo. She’d be so proud of you.

  7. 9

    Laurie M. says

    Beautiful picutures! You look a lot like your mom. I remember that “look” well- skin tight shirts that buttoned at the croch and big, baggy jeans- Lovely

  8. 10

    girlytwins says

    You and your mom were gorgeous at 17 and not too far off from what you look like now. Very impressive. There are a lot of similar qualities in the both of you. I’m sure she is so proud of the mom you have become.

    I think I have a picture of myself in an identical outfit 🙂

  9. 11

    andrea j says

    What fun memories! Wow your hair is gorgeous!! Where did you get your red hair from? I get mine from my mom.

  10. 12

    angie says

    My red hair came from my paternal grandfather. My dads side of the family is Scottish (red hair), my moms Danish (strong facial bone structure).

  11. 13

    Churchill says

    Wow, you look at lot like your mom. I love the hair as well. I am so jealous. I have always wanted to be a redhead.

    We can only hope that the 1990s will come back into style.

  12. 14

    The Heiner Clan says

    You really do look a lot like your mom. You are both gorgeous. And for the outfit-it could be worse, it could be the 80s!

  13. 15

    Casey's trio says

    At leat you weren’t wearing stirrup pants with your leotard:) You do look alot like your mom. I love how you were able to find pics of you both at the same age.

  14. 16

    Stephanie says

    The 90s were way better than the 80s! Did you pinch roll your jeans at the bottom for a more tapered look? It was the thing in MO, where I lived at the time. You are beautiful! Naturally beautiful!

  15. 17

    Missy @ It's Almost Naptime says

    What was up with us pulling our jeans practically up to our boobage??

    Altho, now, when I wear the low ride jeans, I still end up pulling them up all day long.

  16. 20

    Colleen says

    I have always been so jealous of your beautiful hair! You and your big sis (trying to omit names) got the good hair genes in the family for sure!

    What a great picture of your mom. She would be so proud of you!!!

  17. 21

    carrie & troy keiser says

    beautiful! Nice picture memory lane post! I didn’t do the leotards, but was with ya on the men’s jeans!

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