Any Takers?

Just discovered:
Two sippy cups of fermenting apple juice a la Lee Vineyards.
Vintage? Unknown.
Carries a punch (as evidenced by the smell).
Proceeds help 5 clowns attend college.
Email me if you are interested.
Free shipping through Monday.


  1. 1

    Robin says

    Was one of them by any chance a pink sippy with a blue top? We lost one a few weeks ago and at this point I can only hope that it is NOT somewhere in the house or car!

  2. 2

    Jeremiah R. Jones says

    wow, people really are auctioning off anything these days.

    if they have any interesting microbes in them, i’ll lay down some cash.

  3. 5

    Clark Captions says

    Nasty! They might be friends with the sippy cup full of curdled milk I found in our play kitchen! I should have thought of the auction thing! Great idea!

  4. 6

    Are You Serious! says

    Yum! When Emma was little she found one and drank it when I noticed she had a cup I hadn’t been able to find in a while I took it and it was sick. I was new mom and call poison control and they said to keep an eye on her in case she gets unquardinated and that she might get really sleepy! I couldn’t believe she drank it! ICK!!!

  5. 10

    Driving With the Brakes On says

    I am willing to throw in a sippy cup full of cottege cheese to sweeten the deal . . . discovered last week after a 10-day absence. I should have just thrown it away, because cleaning it out made me throw-up in my mouth.

  6. 11

    Laurie says

    LOL! I love it! I am so glad you find the humor in your life and are willing to share with the rest of us. However I don’t think I am ready for that strong of a drink. I think I better stick with root beer as the “hard stuff”:)

  7. 13

    Anonymous says

    Nice…let me know how much you get as I’m sure I can come across the same type of ‘juice’ and would love to add some mulah to our college fund 🙂

    Jenny L.

  8. 14

    Shannon says

    Oh, the fermenting sippy cups. I would love to invest but I am working on a few vintages of my own I am quite sure. If only someone really wanted all of the disgusting things kids create – we would all be bizillionaires!

  9. 17

    ispeakbeanish says

    I’m here via Kailani’s audition post. I think I have a white grape vintage that I can add to your apple. It would go great with the piece of cheese I found squished on the tv the other day.

  10. 19

    Laura says

    I have plenty of these on my own! I just toss them. I tried to boil all the lids and then they did not fit on anymore. When we moved out the beds yesterday I found where all the socks and sippy cups were hiding.

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