Another less than 1%

I recently saw an article about “ginger discrimination” in the UK. Apparently the largest proportion of red heads reside in the United Kingdom, and they feel discriminated against. My first response was, “are you kidding me”? Maybe it’s different here, but to even consider the notion that I’ve been discriminated against for being a redhead is preposterous. Anyway, I searched around a little and this is what I found:
Less than 1% of the human population has red hair
EKK! It’s another 1%…..I’m always the one that falls in the less than 1% category. Want to know more interesting facts about red hair?
Look here


  1. 1

    Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    well, i guess you know that you are truly unique, and i mean that in a good way! i’ll have to take a minute to look at the link you posted since both my hubby and my older daughter are red heads!

  2. 2

    Kristin says

    interesting, in my genetics class at the Y, they told us that red hair is dominant. But how can that be with only 1% red? hmmmm…

  3. 3

    Laura says

    Very interesting information on red heads. I think being the 1% must be something with you. I have never mentioned how many unusual things seem to happen to me but when people say, ” that will never happened to you or quote those stats” I get worried too! I think your hair, your kids hair, is stunning! Lucky you on that one!

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