How to Throw an Annie Party {DIY}

How to Throw an Annie Themed Birthday Party is like a walk down memory lane.  Annie may be new for the little ones, but it’s nostalgic for mom so it’s a win/win in my book!  My sister throws amazing Themed Birthday Parties, and this was no exception.  She designed the party with the help from Tricia Rennea, who did the printables around her daughters’s love of the movie Annie!  She used red and white for her color palette with printables for decorations.  So, if you are wanting to throw an Annie Themed Party, this post should give you plenty of ideas to get you started!


Annie Themed party

Annie Themed party

Annie Themed party

Annie Themed party

For decorations, she had an Annie Printable pack designed by Tricia Rennea which included a banner, invitations, cupcake toppers & wrappers, place cards/food cards and favor tags.  She complimented the printables with tissue paper flowers {instructions for making tissue paper flowers found here}, and used gingham cloth for table coverings.  {{so cute}}

Cake & Cupcakes

Annie Themed party

Annie Themed party

There were two choices of cupcakes; funfetti or red velvet.  Cupcakes are great to have in addition to cake because kids usually prefer the cupcakes over cake.  Plus, they are fun and easy to decorate with cupcake toppers.  The cake was my sisters signature red velvet, and as you can see, she saved some crumbles for the cake and cupcakes.  LOVE how that looks.

The secret to the smooth frosted cake is the new Cool Whip frostings. They’re light, not too sweet and perfect for frosting cakes.  It’s also easy to work with.

The cake topper was made with bakers twine, printables and shish kebab sticks to anchor the banner.  It was simple to make, anyone could do it!

annie themed party

Party Favors

Annie Themed Party

The party favors were super simple.  The girls got girly girl items and the boys received items perfect for the summer.  The cute tag played double duty as it made a great tag for the party favor bags and also thanked the guests for attending.

And that’s How to Throw an Annie Themed Birthday Party.

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    Lisa says

    My 5 year old (soon to be 6 year old) is currently obsessed with Annie. Is there a place where this printable package is available. Not surprisingly I can’t seen to find many Annie things out there right now! And these are much cuter than anything I have found!


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