An Unexpected Conversation…

Surprisingly, this conversation just sort of fell into my lap after reading Mama Kat’s writing prompts this week.

It went something like this:

Child: “Mom. Do you want to know something that happened at school today for real?”

Me: “What?”

Child: “Michael (and by the way, that’s not really his name.  I changed it for this blog entry) kissed me right here today”.

Me, squinting: “Where? Kind of on your lips under your nose?”

Child: “yes. I tried to wipe it off”.

Me: “Was he joking?”

Child: “No, he said that he loved me and then he kissed me”. “I tried to move my head”.

Me: “OOOOOOOOOOOKAY”. “Tell ‘Michael’ that you are not allowed to kiss your friends”.

Child: “OK”.

So. I guess the conversation wasn’t so much difficult as unexpected.

I’m not ready for my children to be kissed by ANYONE but family members.

*Giveaway winners announced tomorrow along with pictures of the gardens at the Getty Center.

ADDITION:  This story has nothing to do with the writing prompt, but is funny to me none-the-less.

Jeff was teaching the twins math by asking them questions like,
“If John had 3 chicken nuggets on his plate and Jacob ate two, how many are left”.

Jeff asked this question, “If I had 5 pieces of chicken on my plate and I didn’t eat any…..”

Jacob cuts in “then mommy would get really mad at you”.


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    Kids are so cute! They get so attached so quickly to their friends. My youngest tells her friends that she loves them all the time. I guess that’s why their little hearts can get broken so easily!

  2. 3


    Good thing we don’t live close and don’t make our kids hang out together because your daughter would have likely already received her first mouth smooch from #2. He’s notorious for kissing girls. We’ve talked about it, we’ve punished him for it, we are now trying to find an all boys school for him to attend. The kids is girl crazy and I’m actually afraid for what this means for his future and my own. I’m not interested in being a granny at 40!

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    Mouth smooches already?! Yikes. One of the boys in Baby Girl’s class keeps telling her that he wants her to be his “gurlfriend” and she keeps telling him no. One day when I was at school he said, “Tell Baby Girl she needs to be my gurlfriend.” While she was gagging I told him that she gets to pick her own boyfriends and that you can’t make a girl like you if she doesn’t. I’m hoping to stop his stalker tendancies at an early age.

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    That’s a cute story, but I totally get you not wanting kisses already. Keep them young and innocent as long as you can.

    Also, I get so mad when chicken nuggets aren’t eaten. Or any food for that matter. I hate wasted food (so I usually end up eating it instead).

  5. 29


    Oh…goodness. I don’t know how I would have handled that! I’m sure I’d want to run right out and kick that kid’s butt. They are still so YOUNG for that! But, one thing that I think is really cool is that you have relationships with your children that are such that they feel comfortable telling you what happened. I think the open dialogue is good, even if it might send you to the bathroom to hurl. And the chicken nugget comment is so cute!

  6. 34


    LOL Kids are so darn cute! I don’t think I would be crazy about my kids being kissed by other kids yet either. I don’t want them to grow up as it happens so fast.

  7. 36


    This is the second difficult conversation post I read from this week’s Writer’s Workshop and your posts keep reminding of difficult conversations I’ve had with my oldest daughter. Maybe I should take Mama Kat’s up on her more than one dare?

    I’m with you. I am soooooo not ready for these talks and situations.

  8. 39


    My daughter is going through her first crush. Yesterday, she made a wish that he can come over for a playdate, but I better not find out there is any kissing going on!

  9. 40

    Grace's Mom says

    Um, how old are these kissing children? I will be addressing this in my parent-teacher conference with Grace’s teacher next week. Now that Grace is in pre preschool, I need to be on the lookout for little boys trying to steal her first kiss.

    She is only allowed to kiss mom and dad…until she’s 30.

    These kids just blow me away!

  10. 54


    Kissing huh? Maybe she should’ve just socked him. lol Just kidding, but I love the answer about how Mommy would get mad at the missing chicken. Too funny. LOL Kids! Ya gotta love em’. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and the winner of our contest will be displayed on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week (band practice is Monday night/we’ll be holding a meeting). We really didn’t get all that many entries, so I hope there’s something there the guys like. Musicians are funny people. They’re hard to please. Just ask my wife! LOL

  11. 55


    Yeah, I know what you mean. My problem is, my child was the one doing the kissing (on the cheek)…. After she caught the boy she was chasing on the playground…

  12. 56


    So…I’ve been wondering where you have been the past month or so. Then I realized I’d never added you to my reader list. I’ve been missing out on SO MUCH. So sorry!

  13. 58


    Whoa Nelly. Not cool Michael 🙂 So very uncool!!
    I am pretty sure I will never be ready for that conversation.

    Haha. Love me some Jacob!!! Smart kid 🙂

  14. 59

    Melissa says

    How funny! Not the kissing stuff I’d not be okay with that but the chicken nuggets crackme up! :0

  15. 60


    He’s probably right Mommy would be really mad if he didn’t eat any huh?

    And I am trying to teach my boys to be gentlemen and not to kiss their friends either…he’s not quite 3 but it’s never too soon right?

  16. 63

    Kirsten says

    Doesn’t Michael know that girls still have cooties at this age! Sheesh! Oh, remind me to tell you what I had to tell Levi, for heaven’s sake!

    Love the mad momma comment, too cute!

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  18. 65


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