An Unexpected Conversation…

Surprisingly, this conversation just sort of fell into my lap after reading Mama Kat’s writing prompts this week.

It went something like this:

Child: “Mom. Do you want to know something that happened at school today for real?”

Me: “What?”

Child: “Michael (and by the way, that’s not really his name.  I changed it for this blog entry) kissed me right here today”.

Me, squinting: “Where? Kind of on your lips under your nose?”

Child: “yes. I tried to wipe it off”.

Me: “Was he joking?”

Child: “No, he said that he loved me and then he kissed me”. “I tried to move my head”.

Me: “OOOOOOOOOOOKAY”. “Tell ‘Michael’ that you are not allowed to kiss your friends”.

Child: “OK”.

So. I guess the conversation wasn’t so much difficult as unexpected.

I’m not ready for my children to be kissed by ANYONE but family members.

*Giveaway winners announced tomorrow along with pictures of the gardens at the Getty Center.

ADDITION:  This story has nothing to do with the writing prompt, but is funny to me none-the-less.

Jeff was teaching the twins math by asking them questions like,
“If John had 3 chicken nuggets on his plate and Jacob ate two, how many are left”.

Jeff asked this question, “If I had 5 pieces of chicken on my plate and I didn’t eat any…..”

Jacob cuts in “then mommy would get really mad at you”.

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