Acting at it’s Finest…& How to Make Bloggy Friends.

Ever wonder how to make Bloggy Friends?  Well, wonder No. MORE.

Mama Kat has come to your rescue.  And mine.

I’ve been pondering this question for AGES.

You MUST go to her site. Now. And read her thoughts, but most importantly listen to her vlogs.

I happen to think that she is an amazingly talented actress.

I don’t think I’m half bad either.

You’d never guess that I secretly want to be Mama Kat’s BFF, would you?


  1. 1


    Making friends in blog land is a skill. People really need to take notes on this. And I know how hard it was to pretend not to like me. I forgive you. And your daughter.

  2. 3


    I thought you were great!

    And I know what its like to secretly want to be in on Mama Kat’s inner circle b/c I want to be there too.

    Someday *fingers crossed*

  3. 9


    OK, now I am back to say I just read Mama Kat’s post and viewed the vlogs and this is an absolutely hilarious send up! I so loved it. I would like to be her friend too but I am sadly in a very different, lower league 🙂

  4. 12


    That was so flippin hilarious. How am I not already friends with Mama kat I ask? Thanks for sending me her way. I never understood bloggy connections until I made some.

  5. 16


    Yeah, MamaKat has this very adorable, vulnerable quality, that just is a magnet.

    She doesn’t think she’s better than anyone, and that makes her so instantly friend material.

    Yeah, I like her, too.

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