1. 7

    Rachel says

    Oh they all look so stinking cute! And I too love that hubby got into the halloween spirit. Lloyd always goes as himself, every year. Okay so do I. I did have a witch hat though. πŸ™‚

  2. 12

    Tash says

    hope you had a good halloween down there in the new land of yours. The twins are cute in their matching costumes. Have they matched every year??

  3. 13

    WheresMyAngels says

    What are the twins? I just don’t know all the latest kids stuff. My four year old is still mad cause I don’t know who the Jonahs brothers are and Josh and Drake!

  4. 20

    Deb says

    very cute… ALL of you. and i am jealous that your kids look so normal. looks like you guys had a great time. now moving on to thanksgiving and before you know it, christmas.

  5. 30

    bermudabluez says

    That’s one of the things I miss the most….trick or treating with my daughter every year! You guys all look great!!

  6. 45

    Cristin says

    Everyone looks great! I dressed up for the first time in years… we had a blast! I’m off to post pictures…

  7. 46

    Liz says

    Hi Angie,
    Totally non post related question for you. I am trying to make a button (just see if I can do it), but I am a little confused with how to make the little scroll box wtih the code in it for others to copy – can you help me?

  8. 52

    Krazy Armstrong K's! says

    very cute! looks like a great time! I finally got around to updating the blog with this weeks happenings!

    BTW angie, im going to an all day crop in Orange if your interested in scrapbooking next sat!

  9. 53

    Bonnie the Boss says

    So adorable! Did they have a good time? I can’t even imagine how hot it was there. I thought I was going to die of the heat here.

  10. 54

    Mrs. S says

    TOO CUTE! I’m sorry, too, but I’m clueless as to what a few of them are dressed as (so sorry…I really am blond).

  11. 58

    avtcoach says

    What a nice looking family you have. I know that had a great time at Halloween! Hope you too were able to enjoy the festivities.

  12. 65

    Clark Captions says

    Everyone looks sooo great! I am glad you had a Happy Halloween! Are you just loving being back in CA? I

  13. 71

    Aubrey says

    Here’s a late BOO to you too!!

    Oh! So cute! Look at all those smiles. Let me guess…they were excited about Halloween???

  14. 76

    les_mason_curt says

    Absolutely 100% adorable…

    ps- do not forget to go and check out Kiki & Lele's new designes. You wanted me to remind you!

  15. 77

    Mark and Kiss says

    Fun pictures for Halloween….the kids look great. Who is the skeleton, he looks so scary, great face paint! We had a good time out in Utah for a week.

  16. 79

    Tabitha Blue says

    Just stopping by to say hi and see what happening in your corner of the world!! Hope you’re having a great week! πŸ™‚

  17. 87

    Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    Love the costumes! You look pretty scary, too!
    Trick or treating in the daylight?! We always wait till dark!

  18. 89

    Jennifer P. says

    Your costume was AWESOME! how can you look frightening and pretty at the same time?!

    The kids’ costumes were too cute too!

  19. 90

    Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Awesome costumes. I love the nascar! You have a future there you know. I hope you had a great Halloween!

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