A Favor, if you please…..and my 1,000th post!

I don’t do a whole lot of guest posting these days, but today’s an exception.  I’m over at my friend Nicole’s place (Moment’s That Define Life), and so I hope you’ll pop over.  I don’t talk much about my twins and their birth much these days, so for those of you that don’t know about a time in my life that really shaped me, it’ll be all new.  For those of you that do, well, it’s more of that emotional/introspective of type writing that I haven’t done enough of lately.  So I’m begging.  Go visit me, you hear?

And, my children and I starred in our very own video.  Ok, Ok, if you want to be technical about it, it’s a vlog.  A vlog of my children and me promoting National Dairy Month. But it’s cute.  And my kids want you all to see how adorable they are in person.  And they really are checking views on You Tube.  For real.  Besides, you are dying to know what their favorite dairy product is, right?  If you click, not only will you make me and my children happy, you’ll find out.

For the record:  this is my 1,000th published post. I think a party is in order, don’t you?  I’d better go do some planning……


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    no excuses says

    Congrats on your 1,000 post! That’s a real accomplishment! Hopping over to your friend’s blog to check it out!

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    Aww…I’m part of your 1,000th post! 🙂 And how cute is it that your kids are counting views on Youtube. I’ll make sure to view it a few times to up the numbers a bit. :0) Thanks so much for guest posting today! It’s really a post I will cherish because it’s us and it’s them – our miracle four. 🙂

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