Bye, Bye, Birdie:{A Birdie Funeral}

It was a sad, sad, day at our house yesterday.


A lone pigeon flew into our slider and killed himself.


It wasn’t a quick and painless death.

The poor thing suffered, and while he did my kids watched him hoping he’d get better.

In the end, the kids thought a birdie funeral was in order.

Words were recited, a coffin made from an oatmeal box, an epitaph was written and erected, and a hole for his remains dug.

Here lies the newly named and passed birdie:

Poor little thing.

Let’s see how long it is before he’s dug back up.

I give it a few days.


I’m playing along with Cecily {Photo Story Friday} and Lolli {Give me your best shot} today.

Wondering what the epitaph says?

Fat Pidge “FP”
Born in California
Died in California
Died of crashed window.
Born:  unknown    Died:  3/16/10


  1. 1


    The “belch” was a nice touch. 🙂

    I’ll never understand birds flying in to things — I mean, they’ve got the whole sky…

  2. 9


    Awww how sad…we had one fly into our window at work, and it was a carrier pigeon and one of my co-workers raises them and actually knew how to find the owner!

  3. 11


    Poor little guy. Shouldn’t have put off that visit to the eye doctor so long…

    You’re a good mama for not freaking out and letting the kids bury it in the yard. I’d have been screaming for my husband “to take it away – I don’t care where, just away, out of HERE!”

  4. 16


    “dug back up” – ew! Here’s hoping that the bird really DOES rest in peace.

    And how pathetic is it that before reading this I had never even heard the word epitaph? That was sure sweet of your kids to give the bird a proper headstone. 🙂

  5. 37


    I WISH the bird that continues to fly into my window would die. Sorry. But I DO. She is driving me CRAZY!!!!!! So, don’t mind if I’m just a little bit jealous.

  6. 43


    You should have named this post “Bye Bye Birdie”. LOL 😛 O.K., maybe that’s a bit inappropriate.

    So sorry for your loss. 😉 I do think it’s so sweet that your children prepared a funeral and a resting place for the little thing.
    .-= Run DMT´s last blog ..Simone and Matt’s Wedding =-.

  7. 45


    Awwww. Poor Fat Pidge! Birds used to fly into our windows all the time when we lived in Colorado. We even had a couple fly inside when door was open. Now thats fun trying to catch em. One time it wa a hummingbird, we rushed to shut off the cieling fans and it took us about an hour, but we cuaght him. He was actually really soft and sweet and once we got him outside he chilled a few minutes in my hand before he flew off!
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..DEAR SOMEONE THANK YOU VERY MUCH =-.

  8. 51


    Poor bird. That is so awesome though that your kids cared enough to do all that, there are a lot who wouldn’t. Last summer my cat found a nest of bunnies – know where this is going? I got presents for days. The last day I saw the cat out back with a bunny still alive. I raced out and made the cat come inside as to not torture the poor little thing. While I was getting a bowl to put bunny in it jumped to its death b/c we have a 2nd story deck. But wait, it wasn’t dead just horribly broken. My husband who didn’t have the heart to kill it brought it into the garage and made it a bed. Hard & cold the next day. The girls still ask about that bunny. Bet you never expected this story as a comment lol 🙂
    Have a great weekend!
    .-= Jessie´s last blog ..How else are you going to get better? =-.

  9. 72


    You must have a very clean sliding glass door at least? 🙂 Our dog jumps and gets her muddy paws all over ours, so a bird would never mistake ours, which is good….and bad? Hmph. Deep question lol!

  10. 73


    aww how sad was that!!!
    I remember as a little girl having a pet funeral. My siblings made me wear black clothing and a black hat, It was weird, jejejeje…☺
    .-= Rocio´s last blog ..i heart faces “Focusing on Angles" =-.

  11. 76


    Angie- you crack me up. I totally had a visual of the girls mom on Bachelor giving their respects to the bird that hit her windshield. I remember doing that with a grasshopper that Sugar attacked.
    .-= TIFFANY EVANS´s last blog ..Friends Charm =-.

  12. 79


    Juice Plus .. never heard of it thanks for srnaihg. I do love veggies just not a fun of the prep work (chopping it, mixing, etc.) .. hence my fridge has a lot of already made salads Can u tell that hubby is the chef in our relationship?! Have a beautiful day Andrea!!!

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