A Big Announcement about Wordful Wednesday

It wasn’t so very long ago that I bid Wordful Wednesday adieu.   I even wrote a very heartfelt and genuine post passing the reign over to Amanda, much as it hurt as soon as I pressed Publish.

I knew I’d miss it, but I had no idea that I’d miss it so much.  I had every intention of passing along the meme and never looking back, but it didn’t work out that way.

From that first week, I was looking back, biting my nails (figuratively, that is), wondering if I’d done the right thing.

I had.

The break was much needed.


I miss Wordful Wednesday.  I miss the visits, I miss the posts, I miss you.

So, I’m taking it back.  In a manner of speaking.

Starting the first week of January, I’ll be Co-Hosting Wordful Wednesday with Amanda over at Parenting By Dummies.

We’ll share the linky so you can link up either here, or at her place.  We’ll have our own posts up for Wordful Wednesday, so you’ll definitely want to visit both of us.  Besides, if you only visit her and not me, I just might cry.

One of the reasons I passed Wordful Wednesday on is that I felt guilty when I was not able to visit all of the participants.  YOU.  Now that the meme will be co-hosted, we should be able to divide the list and give everyone who participates and leaves a comment a visit.

That’s the goal, anyway.

So, please.  Come back and join me (us).  I’ve missed you.


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    You know. No One ever thought you absolutely HAD to visit everyone on the list. They loved it that you did, BUT. The guilt was all your own. Now the guilt will be shared!!! 🙂 I’m kidding (a little)… just reminding us all that this doesn’t have to be taken so dang serious ya know?

    I do miss you hosting it though. I’ll jump back on the WW in January too. Just for you. Course my Camera died this last week, and I’m in morning, have to ship it off to be fixed and I’m SUPER SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wordful most likely will be about my camera! 🙂

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    To be honest, I’ve just begun to start missing it as well. I decided to take a break from all memes back in, oh, MARCH – and like you said, it was a GOOD break, but now I’m ready to jump back in. Good to hear you’re going to co-host WW now! Welcome back.

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    Lets hope you all got a pleasing Christmas time. I was putting up with a pc virus over Christmas & then finally had my personal computer system flushed in order to share your most advanced posting. Anyways, more than enough complaining, I’m hoping you all enjoy a seriously happy new year and I wish everyone good luck.

  4. 26


    I’m glad you’re coming back as well.
    I don’t think I could’ve walked away from such a successful meme either (I had two sort-of memes and had trouble walking away from those. LOL)

  5. 28


    Wow – I was outside earlier checking on my bulbs, objects I have featured more than once on your site, and was thinking the same thing – I miss doing WW.

    Love the shared love. Kind of like a menage a trois, oui? No?

    Happiest of New Year’s sweet Angie!!

  6. 29


    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I was planning on coming back in January so it will feel like home again getting to post over here for WW.

    So I expect you to come over and comment on my post even if I am not on your half………Just kidding. 😉

    Have a Happy New Year Angie!

  7. 32


    I love splitting a work load – it always ends well.

    Unless you’re referring to lumber.

    Then your home will stop being heated halfway through the winter.

    But I’m quite tired, so that probably doesn’t make any sense.

    But do you really expect anything else from me?


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