5 Posts I’m Proud Of…

I love the idea of sharing my life in list form, so when my good friend Nicole (and fellow Momo mommy) of Moments that Define Life created the meme Listable Life, I decided it was just the push I needed to try to share parts of my life in a form I don’t usually use.

So, this week my listable life topic is:

5 Posts I’m Proud Of:

I’d do it again if I had to, but I’m glad I don’t.

Humiliation, Thy Name is Mother

Going Home

The Great Escape

My Heritage

I chose these posts because they are more “revealing” (and humorous in one instance) than most.

Are you going to play along today too?

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  1. Nicole @MTDLBlog
    Twitter: MTDLBlog

    I love each. and. every. one.

    You reminded me with these posts how much we have in common…our babies, not having our mothers (for different reasons, but it’s so painful nonetheless), our Grandfathers. We truly are kindreds. I’m thankful for you. XO.

  2. Erin
    Twitter: ErinsMiracles

    “breaking the bonds of hatred” I love that line! I’ve done it as well, and it is the most freeing experience!
    And? I totally remember reading your dressing room post when you posted it, I swear I made a mental note that although I didn’t have twins I would never bring both my boys in a dressing room with me!
    And your pics of Utah are just spectacular!

  3. Arnebya @ whatnowandwhy
    Twitter: whatnowandwhy

    I had to go back and reread the dressing room one. Just because.

  4. Angie
    Twitter: angie608

    Just found your site via Nicole’s Link UP! You are a great writer! I’m looking forward to reading more! Have a great day!

  5. Jessica
    Twitter: spitupchronicle

    Im not sure how Ive never been here before, but I just went through and read all of your posts. I love each and every one of them. However, my favorite?! The dressing room–been there. done that. got the tshirt.

    So glad I found you through Nicole’s linkup!! :)

  6. Kelli
    Twitter: writingthewaves

    Love your Heritage post…and I missed the dressing room post way back when. Aw, humiliation. I know it well.

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