5 Mommy Confessions {Listable Life for Scary Mommy}

In honor of Jill’s {that would be Jill Smokler} book being released today, I thought I’d list 5 Mommy Confessions.  As you may or may not know, her non-fiction book, Confessions of a Scary Mommy contains original essays about Motherhood, plus anonymous confessions posted in her “confessional” on her site, “Scary Mommy“.  Now, I’m not a confessional type of gal, but if there’s one day that it’s appropriate, it’s today, right?

fun interview with Scary Mommy and Lolli at Better in Bulk that you don’t want to miss-lots of great links, too!}

5 Mommy Confessions

1. I never really believed it was humanly possible to gain as much weight as I gained with my first pregnancy.  I’ve always thought I should have gotten some sort of award for enormous and spectacular weight gain, or at the very least a big baby.  I did get a normal sized baby and a hefty sized butt though!

2.  I’ve changed my last poopy diaper and I’m not even kidding.  Let’s hope I change my mind by the time I have grandkids or having a built in babysitter isn’t going to work for my children.

3.  In general {but not always}, I think that puppies are cuter than human infants.

4.  I think it’s hilarious when kids who are too young to know better swear.

5.  I was first stumped by my child’s homework when she was in second grade.  It was the word spelunker.   I still feel stupid for not knowing what the word meant.

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  1. Nicole @MTDLBlog
    Twitter: MTDLBlog

    Yeah for Scary Mommy Confessions…I too, think it’s funny when little kids curse and don’t know better. ;0) And thanks for making this a Listable Life post too!

    So excited to see Jill on the Today’s Show tomorrow! She might even see Betty White who’s on the show tomorrow too! How cool is that?!

  2. Tina @ Life Without Pink:

    I agree with your #4 but now my 3YO says some things and I cringe…trying to break him! lol

  3. Arnebya @ whatnowandwhy
    Twitter: whatnowandwhy

    When my two-year-old says truck it come out, um, with an f instead of tr. I hide it sometimes just to make him ask for it. Where’s the truck sounds like what the fu… And I laugh. Hard.

  4. Angie
    Twitter: 2sisters_angie

    I think puppies are cuter too! … Most of the time ;)

    And the swearing toddlers … oh, man! I’m just waiting for the day mine uses the word ASS, because I’m pretty sure that’s the one she hears most frequently (and usually while I’m driving).

  5. Rachelle:

    I too do not want to change any more poopie diapers…ever!!!! So, what does spelunker mean? Way to go Jill!

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