2010: A Year in Review

It appears that 2010 didn’t start out in the stellar way I remember. My son used profanity for the first time,  and I totally embarrassed myself at the grocery store. Oh. And there were some serious heavy rain in these parts.  These I remember!  Someone must have been looking out for me, because there is no other way to explain what could have been a pretty hairy situation.

February found me looking at my family and realizing that my breath literally catches when I think about how lucky I am.

I also wrote a playdate do’s and don’ts guide. Helpful? I’m not sure.

March was the month for punctures. Jacob fell and injured his eye, and then turned around and punctured my chaise lounge.  I shared a few HTML tips, here.

April was monumental because I turned 35.  Enough said.

May left me with the realization that my children are growning up way too quickly. Here’s proof.

June found me giving parental advice. The kind that no one really does….

In July we went beach camping and it became official that ALL of my children can swim.

August found me in Utah with the kids:  fishing, and visiting a dairy.

In September I made some changes, including giving Wordful Wednesday away for awhile.

October found me not blogging much, but a blog post of note was about reading as a family.

November and December found me throwing a BIG birthday party and teaching my children about service.

2010 was a good year.  Thank goodness I have a few blog posts to prove it.  :)

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