BIZ® IS Better and Here’s Why!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Now that baseball season is in full swing I have more reason than ever to require a stocked laundry room shelf of BIZ® Stain & Odor Eliminator.  Biz cleans up to 80% better than washing with a detergent alone. Biz contains more stain fighting ingredients, and it's proven to work better on tough laundry stains. Biz has lab tests to prove it.  

Since #3 wears white baseball pants and does a lot of sliding, Biz definitely comes to my rescue when I need it.


BIZ® IS Better and Here's Why!

It's formulated to handle all four types of stains.  So, Biz takes the hassle out of figuring out whether you need a enzyme, peroxide, whitening, or detergent based stain fighting agent.  Biz works on EVERY kind of stain.  Plus, Biz just got an updated logo and color scheme which looks pretty snazzy.  I love how it looks on my laundry room shelf.  {smiling}

sliding stain

{Our most common stain:  dirt from sliding.}

BIZ® Works Great on These Stains:

  • dirt
  • grass
  • sweat
  • coffe
  • juice
  • sauce
  • gravy
  • spaghetti sauce
  • lipstick
  • blood
  • baby food
  • greasy food
  • &  more

How to Pre-Treat Laundry:

1.  Re-wet stained area with warm water.

2.  Apply Biz directly to the stained area.

3.  Rub gently and wait 5-10 minutes before washing normally.


{If you can believe it, these are the same pants you see above pre-treated with Biz.  They haven't even been washed yet.  AMAZING!}


Tip:  Keep a bag handy that can "house" clothing that needs to be pre-treated.  We have a "Biz" bag that my kids put particularly dirty clothes in.  I know when clothing is in the "Biz" bag they need extra attention!

Things to Love About BIZ®:

  • If you find a stain remover that works better than BIZ®, they'll refund your money.  {love}
  • When you add Biz to every load, you can boost the power of your detergent by 80%.  {that's a WOW-ser percentage!}
  • Biz contains no bleach and no phosphate.
  • Independent studies prove Biz fights tough stains better than Oxi Clean®!  {{this used to be my go-to stain agent}

The Biz Challenge Results:


{Baseball pants washed using only normal detergent.}


{Baseball pants pre-treated with Biz and then washed normally.  WOWSERS!}

Speaks for themselves, right?  Biz took out stains that my normal detergent didn't.  Biz works.  Plain and simple.  I'm SOLD.  Are you?

Download the coupon to save $1 on Biz on your next purchase!  Here's where to buy Biz.

Don't forget to connect with Biz socially!  You can Like Biz on Facebook, follow @BizStainFighter on Twitter, and check them out on Pinterest!

Do you use use and love Biz?  If so, I'd love to hear about it!

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