Clean Delivered Straight to My Door With ePantry! {review}

I have never been shy about admitting that I have a little thing about clean.  I wouldn’t say I’m compulsive, but I would say that I get uptight when my house is dirty.  When ePantry offered to let me try their service for free {they send me the cleaning products I wanted} I jumped at the chance.  What’s better than getting the cleaning supplies I love delivered right to my door?




ePantry is a new service that makes purchasing quality household products like Method, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Seventh Generation and Green Forest super convenient. In just three minutes {seriously, just three minutes}, they create a customized, flexible schedule for your household products.  They then get delivered to your door for cheaper than the grocery store while helping to save the rain forest!

What I Love:

The number one thing I love about ePantry is that the website is so user friendly.  Not only is the interface super intuitive and easy to navigate through, once you select the brand you like, you can really narrow down the products to choose from.  Also,  there is a customer support available all the time so if you have a question, they have an answer.

Other things to Appreciate:

  •  There are no service or maintenance fees
  • ePantry saves 25 square feet of rain forest with each shipment.
  • If you tell them a joke, they’ll give you $2 off your order.
  • Prices are super competitive so you can count on getting the best pricing.

How It Works:

ePantry delivers sustainable household products straight to your door when you are running low.  Their handy dandy calculator knows when you need your products and they ship them on a schedule.  Of course, you can change or cancel your shipment at any time.  Also, if you don’t like a product, they’ll refund it.

Order in Three Easy Steps

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.23.12 AM

1.  Answer a few questions about your household.

2.  Choose which products you want ePantry to send you.

3.  ePantry suggests a schedule, but you can change it to reflect what YOU want.  So, ePantry will suggest when you should receive your next shipment based on your household information.  If you don’t like that date, you can change it.  Easy. 

My Recommendation

Ordering my favorite cleaning supplies and then having THREE months delivered straight to my door was so nice.  I hate running out of the things I need when I clean, and this service completely solves the problem.  Plus, it saves on time and gas that I’d waste running out to buy more.   I’d  recommend giving ePantry a try. The website is so user friendly that it’s almost a shame to NOT use it.  {{smiling}}

If you’d like to give ePantry a try, enter the code “SevenClownCircus”  at checkout and you will receive 25% off your first order and free shipping!!!

Connect with ePantry:

Disclosure:  ePantry sent me enough cleaning supplies to last me a few months!  {{fabulous}}  However, you’d better believe all thoughts and opinions are my own.  {{smiling}}

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